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We build modern, responsive and solid Websites that stand out from the crowd and stand the test of time. All of our websites are professionally designed from the ground up, with no templates and an easy to use admin section for you to easily make changes and expand as your business does. Your website needs to be captivating and well laid out but also know that it is going to help your business grow and ultimately, bring you a return on your investment.

As local web designers, we don’t put a hefty price tag on this. Quite frankly, we are amazed at how much similar web design agencies charge for their services! They are getting away with it, so why don’t we just follow suit? HONESTY & EMPATHY, and these core values are what keep our clients coming back to us, whilst recommending new clients to us all the time.

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All of our websites are fully responsive, ready to use out of the box and look great on all devices.

Our easy to use admin section allows you to edit and expand your own website development free of charge when your business or portfolio grows.

Your website will be unique, responsive and with the creative edge that will ensure you stand out from – and above your competitors.

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As a leading graphic designer agency in Berkshire, we offer a wide range of graphic design services,. From logo design and brand development to promotional media, menus, brochures and flyer design and  much more.

We have been solidifying brand identities for over 25 years and we are passionate about every project that enters and leaves our studio.

Stand out from your competition and be remembered.

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If you are starting a new company, you need to make sure your business media is professionally designed, preferably by one design team

You will need a  captivating, professional logo design, eye-catching media and a cutting edge website design to be taken seriously

We will help you create a strong, impressionable brand with all of your media working in harmony together.

We don’t just produce great websites! We have been producing eye-catching graphic design, bespoke logo design and helping to start new businesses for over 25 years!



fully responsive - mobile Friendly

ESSENTIAL IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED IN 2021. With more and more people using their phone to access the web, having your WordPress website display perfectly on every device is essential.

Your website needs to look great on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. With the new Google algorithms in place, your website simply won’t rank well on search engines unless it is fully responsive.

Flawless Track history

To build a trusted and well respected web design agency in Berkshire takes time, a lot of effort and a huge amount of passion!

DREAMKATCHA has established itself as one of the UK’s most competitive website design companies and we are confident you won’t find this level of service anywhere for the prices we offer.

100% Guaranteed

That’s right, GUARANTEED satisfaction or your money back. We will continue to edit and refine your website until you are 100% happy with your design.

We are dedicated to delivering first class, professional website design – every time and this is reflected in our reviews online and in our testimonials section.

Ask any large website design agency how much they charge for a website design project, they will answer “This depends on how much money the client stands to make from our work!”

Even as a leading Berkshire web design agency, we don’t believe this is a fair approach. That is why we will always take into consideration your budget and recommend the best course of action to deliver your project. We always deliver first-class web design & development that performs for you and doesn’t break the bank.

Let's do a quick comparison!

A simple brochure WordPress website design by a London website design agency:
£2500 – £3000

£700 (approx)

Small e-commerce WordPress website by a London website design agency:
£4500 – £5000

£1200 (approx)

As a leading web design company in Berkshire, we use all of the same software and technology. We also usually surpass the level of customer service that these agencies provide. Without all of the huge agency overheads, we can deliver your project on a budget that suits your individual needs.

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Achieve your goals quickly and affordably all under one roof.
Our friendly staff will talk you through the whole project and set you off on the right foot.

Our Berkshire based web design team help new businesses achieve a professional online presence and establish credibility. Designing beautiful, custom-made websites, logos and branding that conform to your budget and transform your business.

We do not use any templates – all of our websites are bespoke and built using the most sophisticated development platforms available.

Your website design will be unique, responsive and with a creative edge that will ensure you stand above your competition.

Your website will be built from the ground up with SEO 2021 best practices in mind.

From the base code all the way up to images meta data, your website will be streamlined for first class performance.


Each and every website that leaves our studio is equipped with the latest security plugins and code.

Having this security in place helps put your mind at ease, knowing that your website is safe from attack all year round.


With so many years’ experience under our belts, we know exactly how to turn projects around in the minimal amount of time. We always answer any queries you may have within 24hrs.

As a leading Berkshire web design company, we understand the need for great communication at any time of the day or night. The first thing we do every day is answer all emails and phone calls to help our clients in the best way that we can.


Aftercare is a priority at Dreamkatcha. We ensure that your website is hosted on the fastest, most secure shared servers available.

With daily backups, system updates and free email accounts included in every package, we are sure you wont find this level of care anywhere for such a reasonable price.


We build in an easy to use admin system allowing you to add images, change text and even add new pages.

This can be done as and when your business grows – at no extra cost and with no design or computer skills needed. The interface is so straight forward, you will be designing your own website in no time.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. Ultimately meaning that with low prices comes low quality, and this is often always going to disappoint you in the long run.  

 -Benjamin Franklin



It’s not enough to have your website designed and thrown up onto a server in today’s environment. With so many scams, hackers, phishing code and many other dangers to your new website, you will need some serious protection. Not only that, but every component of your website such as the operating system, plugins, framework and apps, are all updated on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.

Once a hacker has found a weakness in these codes, the provider will release an update. If you don’t update your website frequently, you are an easy target for millions of cyber hackers, just waiting for an opportunity to exploit your unprotected website.

We implement the most robust security plugins and modifications to ensure your website stays safe and effective for years to come.

Even the largest, most powerful companies can be compromised sometimes; therefore, we also provide daily backups of your website, email and databases. So no matter what happens, you will always have the data backed up and ready to launch again in no time. Having this extra level of protection keeps your business safe and clients happy at all times.


Also included in your monthly plan will be the ability to see and track who is visiting your website, how they got there and from where they are viewing it. Key information for your business or organisation to target your specific marketplace.

This information and much more can be accessed any time from your personal dashboard, from which you have full access to as soon as your WordPress website goes live.

With this critical information we can build a successful SEO marketing campaign, or add more relevant content to your website. Building links to your website and other on-page SEO are also a key factor in your search engine rankings. As a leading Berkshire SEO company we can implement all of these factors to help your website rank in the top pages of search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

All of these methods guarantee critical traffic to your website and converting into paying customers or subscribers to your service.

From the Web Design blog...

Web technologies have grown since the millennium bubble and it seems creativity in this space has continued to grow. 2020 is here and as usual, you would like to keep up with the latest trends in web design, which is also part of ensuring your websites are up to date and user friendly.

Which of these options fits your requirements? 1. A traditional layout would include a homepage with minimal information on. From there you will have a menu system linking to the other areas of the site. 2. A one page site where each of the sections are linking to the bottom of the homepage, so the user simply needs to scroll downwards to view the whole site. 3. We could go with a parallax scrolling website where the user would need to scroll to the left or right to see the other sections of the site. This is a very unusual design and should only be considered if you have a specific reason to incorporate it.

The custom coded websites we create are capable of ranking high in the Search Engines. This makes it possible for you to generate organic traffic more easily. Using custom code helps us create a user experience that all your website visitors will love. By ensuring that all the websites we develop are 100% unique, we help our clients stand out from their competitors.

After being in the web design industry for over 20 years, one thing we have learned is that the ideal way to achieve a productive and pleasant user experience is to ensure that your website visitors can find what they are looking for easily. To achieve this, we put all our efforts into ensuring that your content is delivered both intuitively and innovatively. Part of our strategie is going the extra mile for our clients.

Security has long been a sensitive issue during shopping due to the confidential information collected by websites. Aside from the secured card payment systems usually provided by the builder, your website still needs additional security. DREAMKATCHA has successfully implemented various security systems on different E-commerce website that includes:

DREAMKATCHA is a professional registered web design and web development company in Berkshire offering web solutions to business brands. We create custom professional websites, E-commerce solutions, web hosting, and training. Our website design services have been used in several industries and local businesses including manufacturing, retail, marketing, banks, government, and casinos. Our goal is to meet your web design needs to a level that exceeds your expectation.

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Achieve your goals quickly and affordably all under one roof.
Our friendly staff will talk you through the whole project and set you off on the right foot.