Advantages of a simple Web Design

Simplicity is key to a successful web design. The main advantage with this theory is achieving an easy to read and straightforward to navigate website. This is key to encourage the staying power of your website visitors. To attain this simple web design, there are essential five rules to adhere to; the 20-80 rule, element elimination, being concise, adoting the “above the fold” element and focusing on the colour scheme. By abiding by these simple guidelines you can steer your websites design inside the industry standards when it comes to layout, user experience and user interface. Paying too much attention to detail with every aspect of your own website is an easy and common mistake to make. This can result in a website that is too busy to enable the visitor to focus on the necessary elements of your business, such as your product range. Therefore one of the foremost things to do when building your website, is to define the important elements and focus on such. The 80-20 rule is an important tool to hel you achieve just that; 20 percent of the site’s elements should deliver 80 percent of the overall usefulness of the site. Eliminate unnecessary elements Thereby adhering to the 80-20 rule, you can eliminate unnecessary elements to reduce the cluttered effect on your website. This will in turn help your visitors to remain focused whilst browsing your website. They are presented with an easy to read and straightforward to navigate website and therefore boosting their staying power. Be concise Being concise with your website will further reinforce the above two mentioned rules. It eliminates the opportunity to confuse your visitors, reducing the chance of distraction to your selling range of products and most importantly affirms they staying power to your website. Pages of your website that have similar content can be fused together, creating a one page information that is concise and easy to digest. Above the fold “Above the fold” refers to what the readers can initially see on their screens without having to scroll down. Thus it is crucial to have the majority of the most engaging information on this area of the first page of your website. It is your opportunity to attract the reader’s attention and to entice them to further explore your page, by wanting and needing to scroll down the page. Small tip to help you achieve just that is to reconsider the size of your font, headers, pictures and logos. Colour scheme Colour scheme is an important topic in many subject matters. It is also an important ellemnt to focus on when refering to your website. Again, simplicity is key. An over colourful website might at first seem to be a good idea but when considering it from a reader’s perspective, it isnt quite so. An over colour stimulate page where the reader is trying to focus on the written content of your website could cause them distractiona nd most importantly hurt their eyes. if the latter happens, you simply lose your reader. Therefore you may prefer to use different shades of your chosen colour or even just using the more tradional balck and white scheme. Using the above rules, could help boost your visitor number to your website and most importantly maintain their staying power. It enables you to have a simple website that is still attractive to your potential clients. Contact Dreamkatcha today to discuss a start up business,  web design or logo design project.