Brochure Design Bracknell

Statiscally it takes 4.5 seconds to determine whether or not a company has captured their potential client’s attention, therefore first impressions matter. A creative brochure design is one of the tools within marketing strategies to captivate the company’s target audience. Incorparating this tool into the sales effort, potentially yeilds the most consistent results.

There are components that needs to be carefully considered when designing a company brochure to ensure that it captivates its audience. Foremost, the design must be creative but afforable to reproduce. Also consider, the target audience, the product or services that is provided and what action do you want the client to take. A good brochure design is technically telling a summary your story.

Brochure design can be complicated but it is very important to get it right. Dreamkatcha will guide you through each step of the process to ensure that your brand is identified, your message is clear, and that the desired action of your new client is prominently displayed.  Before we begin a client’s brochure design, Dreamkatcha will carefully study the company, product, competition and any existing media that relates to their company. We offer creative custom designs to fit your company at an affordable price.

Once we have designed your brochure, why not create an e-brochure or mailer to go with the same marketing effort. We also offer booklet, folder, leaflet or catalog, flyer, tri-fold brochure or training manual.  This way we can get all of your media ready to go all at the same time, therefore saving you money. At Dreamkatcha, we have the expertise to deliver you a 100% custom design (no templates), thus ensuring creativity that will capture your potential client’s attention within that crucial 4.5 seconds.


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