The Different Types of Logo Design

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When it comes to logo design services, we come across a range of different types. The term logo, which is an abbreviation for logotype, designates a symbol that represents a company. Despite the fact that they might seem very trivial in nature, these are arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools. As a matter […]

The Power of Bespoke Imagery and Original Photography

Bespoke Imagery Twin Lens Camera image by TW Stock (via Shutterstock).

How to ditch the stock images and go for bespoke imagery instead Imagine you are about to dive into web design and give your website a new look. You may have coded your website from scratch or used a CMS like WordPress. You might have considered suitable images, but where from? Do you go for […]

The importance of website usability

cogs signifying web design usability and user interface

Website design usability is the focus on the ease of use of a website. This can include the presentation of concise and relevant information to the subject of the website. The strategic placement of items in appropriate areas within the website is considered too. Perhaps whether the website is suitable for all ages and gender […]

Five Trends in Graphic Design to be aware of in 2017

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Graphic Designer Tends Websites are constantly evolving to keep up with changes in technology and the way in which websites are viewed from. With so much change going on at the moment within the Digital industry, DreamKatcha has produced a useful graphic design infographic that examines some of the top trending tactics used by web […]

Introducing the BBC Reith Typeface

BBC Studios image by Claudio Divizia (via Shutterstock).

New BBC Reith typeface to give the British Broadcasting Corporation a unique identity, whilst saving money on licensing costs By the end of this year, the Gill Sans typeface will be a thing of the past for the British Broadcasting Corporation. In place of Gill Sans and other typefaces, all typography for the BBC’s main […]

Designer to Record Producer ..and back again!

nightclub website design for DJs and music producers

After gaining notoriety in Ibiza as a trusted and effective designer for the nightclub and nightlife industry, I was asked by a collection of club promoters to help them launch this startup Business. BOHO NIGHTCLUB. We were tasked with not only creating the logo for this nightclub but the entire branding campaign. This included Corporate […]

Microsoft Paint Ditched from Windows 10 Update

best Web design Bracknell Award

After 32 years, Microsoft Paint is set to disappear from future Windows installations. The next update will see MS Paint replaced by Paint 3D. It has appeared on Windows since the very first version of the operating system, which was back in 1985. Lets face it – no great web designs were created with it…but […]

The Importance of Sound Stationery Design

The logo for Dreamkatcha Web Design Bracknell

Why stationery design is too important to compromise If a picture paints a thousand words, there’s every chance its choice of typeface could make or break the business. In other words, skimping on your stationery design could project the wrong kind of image. If you remember our previous blog post on the Oscar nomination slips, […]

Know Your Image File Formats: JPG

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Dreamkatcha looks at JPG file formats There’s a great website called It is a one-stop reference point for common and not-so-common file extensions. Every file format from JPG to TIF and D64 (the last named format being the Commodore 64’s disk file format on the slow 1541 disk drive). Inspired by this website is […]

Iconic Logo Designs Through The Ages

Iconic Logo Designs image by Mike C. Photos (via Shutterstock).

Dreamkatcha’s pick of the most iconic logo designs A great logo needs to be instantly recognisable, must work well in black and white as well as colour, and stick to one typeface. Some of the greatest logo designs have been in use for well over fifty years, give or take minor changes. Some have been […]