20 reasons why you need a website 

3D text saying "Reasons why you need a website designer"

Reason #1 – It’s an online brochure Why spend your hard earned money on printed brochures when many of them will simply end up on a shelf, or worse, in the bin. Your website can serve as an online brochure where potential clients can view your product or services at any time. Moreover, you can […]

What is Brutalist Web Design All About?

Website design infographic showing responsive data

How Brutalist web design challenges the norms of conventional web design If you remember our Ten Web Design and Development Fails blog post, our last paragraph mentioned Ling Valentine’s Ling’s Car Hire website. We said how it had broken many web design rules, yet worked very well. In another source, we found how the Ling’s […]

Graphic Standards: You Can’t Stop The Classics

Graphic Standards NYC Subway Feature

How the old graphic standards are making a comeback Sometimes, the greatest designs are the simplest yet most effective (check our portfolio to see ours!). This is especially true with the Design Research Unit’s graphics for British Rail in 1966. Most of their design language is still in use, though diluted by the rail franchisee’s […]

HSBC Plans to Redesign Its Bank Cards

HSBC and Canary Wharf view

New unified design proposed for HSBC’s bank cards across its 30 countries HSBC could be onto something with their latest announcement. The multinational retail banking giant are going to redesign their bank cards. Across the thirty countries it serves, the Hong Kong based bank aim to standardise the graphic design of its ATM, credit, and […]

Typography: Stuck for Suitable Typefaces?

Typography image by Frazer

How to choose suitable typography for web and print based projects It takes a bit of nous to choose a different typeface to the first one you see. By default, we set our standard body text to Times New Roman, Calibri or (gulp!) Comic Sans MS. After a bit of soul searching, you find there’s […]

DIY Web Design – A Costly Mistake | Dreamkatcha Web Design

Award for best web designer in Ascot

What is a DIY Website? We’ve all seen the adverts and the posts “Create your website here – it’s FREE!”. I’m referring to automated web design services where you pick a generic template and add you own text. Then choose from a limited number of boring, uninspiring images that just leave your website flat and […]

Graphics Tablets: This is How We Did It

Website design for a Reading Berkshire based company7

In our nostalgic look, we take a trip back to a time before Wacom graphic tablets became the norm.  used in every logo design project at Dreamkatcha – we couldn’t live without one! Among the tools we take for granted in our studio is the trusty Wacom tablet. We find it a boom for illustration, […]

Did Typographical Fails Ruin The Oscars?

Oscars nomination

Reddit post mulls over possibility that the Oscars fiasco was caused by typographical failings – why not see how we handle typography in some of our latest projects? It could have been worse, at least The Oscars nomination sheets didn’t use Comic Sans MS.  Here’s our reconstruction of how it would have looked if Comic […]

Ten Web Design and Development Fails

Lings Cars

Or: how not to attract customers to your website thanks to shoddy web design and development Since Dreamkatcha was formed, our aim from the start was to raise standards in web design. We are strong advocates of accessibility, clear design, and aim to raise the bar a little higher each time. In our time, we […]

9 Tips for Working With Your Web Designer

Web design Surrey based company

So, you have managed to navigate the minefield of selecting a good web designer (see the previous blog) and now you need to know how to work with them. In this article, we will discuss how to make the most of your new business relationship and what to expect further down the road. It’s imperative […]