What Makes A Good Logo?

A good logo design will stand out as the first point of contact between your new companyand the public. As such, it should not only communicate but relate toyour target audience. Over the years, we’ve seen some revolutionarylogos that have taken the world by surprise and elevated their parentbusinesses to greater heights. What these logos […]

The Different Types of Logo Design

When it comes to logo design services, we come across a range of different types. The term logo, which is an abbreviation for logotype, designates a symbol that represents a company. Despite the fact that they might seem very trivial in nature, these are arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools. As a matter […]

Five Trends in Graphic Design to be aware of in 2017

Graphic Designer Tends Websites are constantly evolving to keep up with changes in technology and the way in which websites are viewed from. With so much change going on at the moment within the Digital industry, DreamKatcha has produced a useful graphic design infographic that examines some of the top trending tactics used by web […]

Iconic Logo Designs Through The Ages

Dreamkatcha’s pick of the most iconic logo designs A great logo needs to be instantly recognisable, must work well in black and white as well as colour, and stick to one typeface. Some of the greatest logo designs have been in use for well over fifty years, give or take minor changes. Some have been […]

Case Study – Little Royals

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A full-service design company…and more! The following case study outlines Dreamkatcha’s approach to an unusual project that was pitched on FreeIndex, to which we won the contract. It demonstrates our willingness to take on projects in fields we have no experience in and still hold our own in challenging situations. It also explains how we […]

How important is a professionally designed logo for your brand.

Does your company consist of just one or two employees? Just a small startup business that you run from home or a small office? With the web explosion in the last decade, appearing to be a well-established and fair-sized company is easily achievable with the clever use of web design and just as importantly, logo […]

Hiring a professional Web designer will help your business grow

Graphic design & Web design services available at cheap pricesWebsite design, graphic design and logo design is in huge demand today in countries like the UK which boast of a prosperous economy and offer innumerable business and work opportunities. The rising competition in the market has instigated companies to go for a strong online presence. […]

The importance of having a custom logo design

What is logo design Within the field of graphic design, logo is a very important area and one of the most difficult to perfect. A logo is a graphic representation used by commercial enterprises, organisations and even individuals. Often logos are uniquely designed to aid and promote instant public recognition; a form of advertisement for the […]

Factors you should consider regarding logo design

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Behind a successful business venture is always a good looking logo. However, a good logo design should not just be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Practical factors should also be taken into consideration when designing such a logo. One of the main issues that occur when dealing with logo design, is whether it is printable. […]