Trends in Web Design to Know About in 2020

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Web technologies have grown since the millennium bubble and it seems creativity in this space has continued to grow. 2020 is here and as usual, you would like to keep up with the latest trends in web design, which is also part of ensuring your websites are up to date and user friendly.

Web Design Checklist

London Web designers checklist

Which of these options fits your requirements?
1. A traditional layout would include a homepage with minimal information on. From there you will have a menu system linking to the other areas of the site.

2. A one page site where each of the sections are linking to the bottom of the homepage, so the user simply needs to scroll downwards to view the whole site.

3. We could go with a parallax scrolling website where the user would need to scroll to the left or right to see the other sections of the site. This is a very unusual design and should only be considered if you have a specific reason to incorporate it.

Logo Design Bracknell

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Visit out main LOGO DESIGN page Here! Logo Design Berkshire We are a Berkshire based company that offers a professional logo design service to businesses in the Bracknell area. Whether you are just starting your company or looking to revamp your existing logo, we can provide high quality, memorable logo designs. Why use a professional […]

Graphic & Website Designer | Dreamkatcha

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Web Design in Reading, Berkshire. Welcome to Dreamkatcha, the home of professional, affordable web design in Reading, Berkshire. With over fifteen years’ experience as website designers, we offer our customers a wide range of services including web design, graphic design, image retouching/manipulation and more. With over fifteen years’ experience as professional website designers, we offer […]

Dreamkatcha 2017

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Website Design Company for Reading, Bracknell and Berkshire, UK We are DreamKatcha, the established website design company operating in Reading, Bracknell and Berkshire, UK.  With a history of producing customer-focused, creative and responsive website and graphic design services, we understand what it takes to deliver a website design project as required, on time. Our customers […]

Affordable Logo Designer in Reading

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Established for over 20 years, Dreamkatcha is a Berkshire basedcompany offering logo design services to businesses in Reading. Whetheryou are looking for a logo for your brand new business, or want tomodernise an existing one, we can help. The benefits of having a professional logo design in place If you are just starting a business, […]

Affordable Logo Designer in Berkshire

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Visit out main LOGO DESIGN page! At Dreamkatcha, we offer a bespoke, high-quality logo design service to businesses throughout Berkshire. We design uniquely original logos for start up businesses and revamp out-dated logos for existing companies. Why hire a professional for your logo design in Berkshire? Any new business needs a logo that is memorable […]

Advantages of a simple Web Design

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Simplicity is key to a successful web design. The main advantage with this theory is achieving an easy to read and straightforward to navigate website. This is key to encourage the staying power of your website visitors. To attain this simple web design, there are essential five rules to adhere to; the 20-80 rule, element […]

Choosing a Domain Name

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Choosing a website address In this article, we will review what a website address is, along with the common terms that are associated with it. We will also examine the importance of choosing a website address; understanding the elements that should be considered, to provide you with the most beneficial website address for your business. […]