Advantages of a simple Web Design

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Simplicity is key to a successful web design. The main advantage with this theory is achieving an easy to read and straightforward to navigate website. This is key to encourage the staying power of your website visitors. To attain this simple web design, there are essential five rules to adhere to; the 20-80 rule, element […]

Choosing a Domain Name


Choosing a website address In this article, we will review what a website address is, along with the common terms that are associated with it. We will also examine the importance of choosing a website address; understanding the elements that should be considered, to provide you with the most beneficial website address for your business. […]

Factors you should consider regarding logo design

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Behind a successful business venture is always a good looking logo. However, a good logo design should not just be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Practical factors should also be taken into consideration when designing such a logo. One of the main issues that occur when dealing with logo design, is whether it is printable. […]