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The custom coded websites we create are capable of ranking high in the Search Engines. This makes it possible for you to generate organic traffic more easily.

Using custom code helps us create a user experience that all your website visitors will love. By ensuring that all the websites we develop are 100% unique, we help our clients stand out from their competitors.

A monitor screen with Bracknell websites on

21. How are your services priced?The end cost to you for your website design project will vary greatly from company to company. The pricing structures are usually based on the scope of work, number of personnel working on your project and overheads such as location, staff and materials used. One great way to save on …


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Cow Gum

Image Source: http://www.forgottenartsupplies.com/?what=artifacts&image_id=272 At one time, Cow gum was part of many drawing offices for paste-up work. We at Dreamkatcha remember using it for nearly every logo design project and other graphic artworks. In our previous article on classic album covers using Comic Sans, there was a passing reference to Windows ‘95. Well before then, cutting and …

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Simplicity is key to a successful web design. The main advantage with this theory is achieving an easy to read and straightforward to navigate website. This is key to encourage the staying power of your website visitors. To attain this simple web design, there are essential five rules to adhere to; the 20-80 rule, element …

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It can be hard to gauge just how much is a reasonable amount to spend on your website. There are so many options out there, ranging from a few pounds to tens of thousands. Here, we’ll give you an overview of what exactly you’ll be getting from your various options, and whether or not they’re …

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