Affordable Logo Designer in Reading

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Established for over 20 years, Dreamkatcha is a Reading, Berkshire based company offering logo design services to businesses in Reading. Whether you are looking for a logo for your brand new business, or want to modernise an existing one, we can help. The benefits of having a professional logo design in place If you are […]

Affordable Logo Designer in Berkshire

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Visit my main LOGO DESIGN page! At Dreamkatcha, we offer a bespoke, high-quality logo design service to businesses throughout Berkshire. We design uniquely original logos for start up businesses and revamp out-dated logos for existing companies. Why hire a professional for your logo design in Berkshire? Any new business needs a logo that is memorable […]

Why is graphic design important to your business?

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Consider the coffee mug that you’re drinking out of, the bottle of shampoo perched on the edge of your shower and also the fruit bowl in the centre of your table at home. What do all these seemingly random items have have in common? More than likely, a graphic designer will have been involved at […]

Graphic Design vs. Web Design: What’s The Difference?

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Graphic designers and web designers share certain qualities, both being artistic and creative and possessing technical skills as well. Since they are both designers, their goal is to create designs which deliver the designed purpose. They can certainly complement each other when creating a website for a client, although a graphics designer does not need […]

What Makes A Good Logo?

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A good logo design will stand out as the first point of contact between your new companyand the public. As such, it should not only communicate but relate toyour target audience. Over the years, we’ve seen some revolutionarylogos that have taken the world by surprise and elevated their parentbusinesses to greater heights. What these logos […]

The Benefits of Quality Web Design

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Websites have become a necessity in every successful business. Customers need a platform where they can access all the company’s information without the need of calling the customer care desk. Website designs, however, play a significant role in determining the amount of time a visitor spends on the website and the action likely to be […]

The Different Types of Logo Design

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When it comes to logo design services, we come across a range of different types. The term logo, which is an abbreviation for logotype, designates a symbol that represents a company. Despite the fact that they might seem very trivial in nature, these are arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools. As a matter […]

The Power of Bespoke Imagery and Original Photography


How to ditch the stock images and go for bespoke imagery instead Imagine you are about to dive into web design and give your website a new look. You may have coded your website from scratch or used a CMS like WordPress. You might have considered suitable images, but where from? Do you go for […]

The importance of website usability

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Website design usability is the focus on the ease of use of a website. This can include the presentation of concise and relevant information to the subject of the website. The strategic placement of items in appropriate areas within the website is considered too. Perhaps whether the website is suitable for all ages and gender […]

Five Trends in Graphic Design to be aware of in 2017

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Graphic Designer Tends Websites are constantly evolving to keep up with changes in technology and the way in which websites are viewed from. With so much change going on at the moment within the Digital industry, DreamKatcha has produced a useful graphic design infographic that examines some of the top trending tactics used by web […]