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After gaining notoriety in Ibiza as a trusted and effective designer for the nightclub and nightlife industry, I was asked by a collection of club promoters to help them launch this start up Business..BOHO NIGHTCLUB. We were tasked with not only creating the logo for this nightclub, but the entire branding campaign. This included Corporate identity, Poster design, brochures, newsletters, flyer design, party invites and not least a website design that would wow everyone that visited. As you can imagine this was a huge ask, but Dreamkatcha stepped up to the challenge, as this is the kind of project that we LOVE! Usually entrusted to large design agencies, this whole project was trusted to just one person…ME! After extensive meetings and creative sessions with the promoters we came up with this logo design. It was eye catching, graceful and had a bohemian feel to it, which reflected the business plan in place for this soon to be launched nightclub in the heart of Ibiza’s busiest district SAN ANTONIO.

I had been working with Martina on many design projects over the years, starting in Ibiza and then moving on to London and even Shanghai, China. She then decided that she wanted to start her own DJ agency, naturally she asked me to initially design her a logo that would represent her business. The logo needed to be bold, modern and encompass the feel for music, and also the Far East – this is where she was going to begin working her magic. The DJ and the headphones were representing the music theme for the logo, and the orange circle was a note to the land of the rising sun. Once the logo was created we then went on to designing Martina a website where she could conduct her business. On top of this we also host her website and manage her email services for her.

Ibiza London nightclub graphic designer

Linekers Bars are world famous. With bars all over the Mediterranean and UK, they are a magnet for party goes and celebrities. Having heard about Dreamkatcha through other promoters in the nightclub and music industry, thay called for a meeting with us to discuss us taking on all their design projects. Starting with the Linekers Ibiza website, we were then asked to redesign many of their other bar’s sites. We created new websites for Zante, Alcudia, Benalmadena, Paphos and worked on a few of the others. We were then asked to create logos for various products and also to design monthly flyers, posters and promotions. We worked so much with the Ibiza Linekers bar that we were regularly travelling between the UK and Ibiza in the summer months. We also created animated sequences for their competitions and continue to work with them on various other projects including the hosting of all their websites.

BoHo Nightclub had already seen some of the work that Dreamkatcha was responsible for in London, UK and all over Ibiza. So naturally they wanted to meet with us and discuss this new super club that was to open the following summer. Little did we realise that they wanted us to design ALL of their media, including logo design, flyers, posters, invites and of course the all important website. After many meetings to discuss how all of the media was going to work and see just what was going to be needed, Dreamkatcha began to brainstorm ideas. before long we had agreed on an overall theme and design, that would be rolled out across the brand to wow and impress future crowds. The project was a big ask, but also very enjoyable for us, and we are still waiting for the next colossal project to land on our desk again!

website designer for Ibiza London nightclub

El Divino had heard of Dreamkatcha (or Dreamcatcher Studios at the time) from other promoters in the Nightclub Industry. After designing many websites for various nightclubs in London, Sydney, New York and Ibiza, they knew that we were going to capable to bringing their website into the 21st Century, and boy did we! After flying me out to Ibiza and meeting with their head promoter, I went back to UK to create one of the most challenging websites I had ever made. This was an opportunity to really let me knew animation skill shine. Creating an intro that for its time was mind blowing. No one had seen anything like it, and some old friends at Defected records were also on hand to let me use a new track that they had signed. Together with this intro to the site, the track became super famous around Ibiza and filtered back to London and may other countries. People were emailing me day and night asking what the track was. I had never had so much web traffic before in my life – within a week I had to move the website to its own dedicated server just to deal with the traffic – people want ing to see what this new website was about that everyone was talking about! As you can imagine I was then in high demand for many other Nightclub website designs, and I found myself being flown back and forth from London to Ibiza every fortnight for nearly 3 years! Each page of the site had it’s own theme and music to match, and was a very interactive and entertaining website. Probably one of my all time favourites..or maybe that because of the situations I ended up in whilst working on all of these websites! :0)

I met DJ Stonebridge in Ibiza whilst designing the El Divino website. He asked me if I would design him a website that would stand out from the crown and be totally different to anything anyone had seen before. The design included a range of strange shapes that would twist and turn around the website, something that had never been seen before, as Flash was still quite new and nobody had really understood how to make the most of this new software…but I certainly was learning it fast! The project was done via email only as DJ Stonebridge was in Europe for the moth that the project was underway.

Agent Asia was a company created by an old friend of mine – the same promoter that has taken on the El Divino job and worked closely with me on the design process. Because we worked so well together over those 3 years, Agent Asia decided that Dreamkatcha would be the ones to create her website for this Start up Business DJ agency. After we designed the logo for them, they wanted the logo to be the main feature for the website. We animated this with some extra sound effects to make the whole sequences more exciting. The site currently helps them not only advertise their DJ agency, but also to help make the bookings for their business.

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