Web Design and Graphic Design FAQ

A job may seem overwhelming until you have an expert to help you out. We understand that this may be your first business venture but we are happy to work at a pace that you feel comfortable with. If you outline your previous history and let us know of anything you may need extra help with, we will endeavour to explain to you what is needed and where we should head next. You can always be sure that we will use terms that you will understand and guide you from the beginning of your project all the way until you reach your target market place.

On average it takes between 10 to 20 days but can be less or more depending on the size of your website

A 5-page brochure web design would typically come in the below configuration:

A Homepage giving an overview of your company and an introduction to your services or product
An “About Us” page, providing a more in-depth view of your company
Every company has a story and this information can help to connect you with your potential clients.
A “Services or Products” page to list your services or product range
If your company offers many different services you may wish to choose separate pages for each service, which can be factored into the initial design budget.
A “Contact” page with a contact form and address/phone details
A 5th page can be used for any other specific subject or service you want to advertise.
If you are a photographer you may like a portfolio page or if you are a restaurant or hotel, you may like to include a booking form.

If you are selling a product then an online store may be an added option. Or if you don’t want to expand on our basic package you could simply display the products and direct the customer to an enquiry form.

Although this is the basic web design, you will never be limited in any way. Your website is constructed on a WordPress platform that is almost infinitely expandable, which you can edit and expand yourself at no extra cost.

We strongly recommend you only use images on your website that you have permission to use.

If you cannot get the photography done by a professional photographer, we can use images from an online stock website. These will be at extra cost but are usually inexpensive to buy and use on websites, but to use for print is slightly more expensive.

Yes we can create the content for your website. We can send you a questionnaire to fill out and we can use the information to write the copy.

How long is a piece of string! To provide prices on the design of a website I will need an idea of your requirements.

Some considerations for design, structure and content are outlined below:

A list of sections/pages.
Any additional functions such as booking service, calendar etc
Shopping cart.
Online payment system.
Google maps.
Contact form.
Images supplied by the client or purchased by Dreamkatcha

Please email me, outlining your requirements

What does a piece of string look like…just kidding! If you have seen a website that you like the look of or parts that caught your eye, please inform me of the address so I can look myself. This will help me gain a clear perspective on where we should both be heading.

We can then also analyse your target audience; who you want to appeal to, location, gender and age group.

If you already have a corporate identity, I will be following that vibe. If you do not have one yet, why not enquire about our branding services.

Yes! All websites designed here at Dreamkatcha are fully responsive. This means they will adapt to the size of the screen, no matter what device the user is viewing your website on.

Oh yes! We provide all of these services. If you are unsure, we will register your domain for you. We also provide a second to none, hosting package that will keep your website safe online; enable you to expand when you are ready and also backup your site… just in case something bad should happen. You won’t find all of these features from the usual hosting companies that 90% of users sign up for.

All of the websites we design at DREAMKATCHA, are created on a WordPress platform. These are intuitively coded to do well on search engines. However, if your website is in a more competitive niche or area, we would suggest at the very least, you ask us about our SEO add-on. We do not include this as standard because many people do not need it for their website needs, so we do not charge for it out of the box. If you do believe that your website could encounter some competition for page ranking in Google/Bing, we can provide the SEO add-on. The price for this will vary depending on the size of your site.

If however, your chosen website subject is in a very competitive marketplace, I would recommend a dedicated SEO specialist. I have one that I always use and can kindly pass you over to them. They will be happy to look into your SEO and deliver you a plan to get started.

We will first discuss the client’s needs, target market, and uses for the logo. We will then ask for samples of existing logos that the client likes or dislikes to get an idea of their taste. Sometimes, the client already has a design concept in mind. Other times, they have no idea what they want. Either way, at DREAMKATCHA the proper amount of information is collected before the project is started. We provide logo design services that are flexible.

If the client would like to see only a few concepts or an extensive amount of options, the logo design service can be priced according to the client’s budget and needs.

Copyright of the final media is obtained by the client upon receipt of final payment and the client will then own the intellectual property rights to the media. DREAMKATCHA, however, reserves the right to use any work done for a client for promotional purposes of DREAMKATCHA services. Source files such as PSD, FLA and other layered or segmented files remain the property of DREAMKATCHA.

The finished project is delivered to the client upon receipt of final payment. At the client’s request, we will supply the electronic files of the project on a CD, through FTP transfer or through e-mail. We will also keep a copy of a client’s project on file for later updates, or in case the client should lose their copy.

The client is kept notified of the progress of their job throughout the design process. We will present the project to the client at certain stages, or milestones, and wait for approval before we continue production. This process keeps the client involved and prevents any breakdown in communication. Between these milestones, the client is free to call in to get an update at any point.

DREAMKATCHA accepts payment through: BACS (bank transfer), Business Cheques and Personal Cheques.

With each project, we require a 50% deposit and the full balance upon completion of the project. With large projects, we require the deposit and balance to be settled at certain milestones along the way.

Unfortunately not, and anyone that says they can off the bat is fibbing! Dreamkatcha is predominantly a design company, however we do apply a few SEO techniques to all of our websites. If getting on page one of google is that important to you then we suggest getting a professional involved. That is exactly what we have done for our website and encourage you to do the same. SEO is a completely different and separate entity and requires specialist knowledge. Because Dreamkatcha is such a small company, we have decided to put all of our efforts into producing top class, professional design. Please enquire if you think you might like to use the same SEO professional as we do.

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