Freelance Web designer or web design agency?

Studies have shown that around two-thirds of small businesses have a website, and experts say the number is projected to increase in the coming years.

It is not surprising because websites provide many opportunities and possibilities to a business regardless of size and niche.

When done right, a creative website can help attract customers. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot go shopping as freely as we used to. A recent survey found that most brits prefer to shop over the internet, making the e-commerce industry boom in 2021.

A website is also proven to provide a better visitor and client experience. Before, we needed to visit the physical store of our chosen business. Things are different today. Clients only need to go to a company’s website, pick a product, and make a purchase. That’s it! Anyone can shop within a minute or two, leading to quality and hassle-free buying experience.

However, approximately 36% of small businesses do not have a website yet. Other people believe their business operation is small to warrant an e-commerce site.

But imagine how many potential customers you could lose to your competition if you do not have a professionally designed website. That’s massive. Your revenues could remain stagnant and fizzle away in this new digital era.

2021 really is the time to create a website and stay competitive in an ever-changing and fast-paced market. Unfortunately, throwing up a sub-standard website or free builders such as Wix or Squarespace probably won’t cut the mustard! To stand the test of time, you require a professionally designed website that will perform for you 24/7.

Perhaps, you have done some research on the best web design companies in Berkshire. How’s the experience? There are multiple companies to choose from, right? And you are probably overwhelmed and confused!

Whatever your case may be, worry no more! In this comprehensive guide, you will know how to find a capable and certified specialist that best suits your unique requirements and expectations and most importantly for some…budget. Without further ado, let’s begin!

A Freelance Web Designer vs. A Web Design Agency vs. An In-House Web Team – Which is the Best?

There are various ways to build a high-client converting platform. You may hire a freelance web designer, consider a web design agency, or build an internal web department.

If you are new to this area of business, you may wonder which is the best. There is nothing to worry about. In this section, we will dive deeper into the benefits of each option. Are you ready?

A Freelance Web Designer

A freelance web developer is a go-to choice for small, mid-sized, and large businesses in Berkshire and other parts of the globe. Why is that? Below, we gather some pros and cons of entrusting a website design job to a freelancer:

Freelancer Pros

1.Individualised and Available at a Reasonable Rate

Who says you need to invest a big sum of money in WordPress website design. A freelancer provides a custom, SEO optimised and responsive website packed with all the things you would expect from a modern website such as stunning graphics and compelling copy. Their prices are also flexible. That means they often charge an hourly rate, which is a big advantage to startups and even well-established entrepreneurs out there.

If you plan to create a new site and are on a budget, a freelance web designer should be on top of your list. You can cut costs while receiving a website that markets your brand.

2.Clients are Proactively Involved Throughout the Process

Another advantage of a freelancer is that you can be involved throughout the process. Client engagement and involvement are also common in an agency. But nothing is more engaging than a freelancer. Your needs and requirements are always taken into account. With just one designer to liaise with, there is no confusion with the project bouncing between different teams members.

3.Quick, Adaptable, and Flexible

Large SEO agencies have a growing number of clients, requiring a long waiting time and patience. Hiring a freelancer, on the other hand, can guarantee a quicker, trouble-free experience. A professional freelancer can create your website without any interruption or long waiting list. Moreover, a freelance web designer will have more accountability than large web design companies. The buck stops with one person, so they are more likely to deliver a pain-free experience.

Freelancer Cons

It is also good to know that hiring a freelancer has a few drawbacks. Some of them are highlighted below:

1.Lack of Manpower

Another disadvantage of freelancers is that they may not have enough manpower to finish your project. However, a reputable one will never take on a project they cannot deliver. While it is tempting to invest in something cheap, it is best to direct your attention to those with great value. Make sure your freelancer is capable of delivering what you are asking.

2. Limited skillset

With just one person taking on your project, they could be limited to just one area. Many web designers or web developers are just that, with no real experience in graphic design. They can create a website for you, that has great functionality, but if it doesn’t have that special ingredient (inspiring graphics), then it will just look like every other website. You may also require other media such as a bespoke logo design, branding campaign or printed media, which again are specialised areas. Luckily, I have been a graphic designer for way longer than I have been a web designer (25 years), so you are in great hands with Dreamkatcha.

A Web Design Agency

Another sought-after solution to build a successful, creative and responsive website is to leave the project to a web design agency.

As a business owner, you want nothing but the best for your website, and a trusted firm can come to your rescue.

Web Design Agency Pros

1.They may have a Wider and Deeper Understanding of the Industry.

With more heads under the roof, they may be more capable of delivering a more complex job. Projects that require specialised and bespoke API and app development. Or perhaps some custom-coded, web-based application.

Of course, you have a lot of responsibilities to shoulder and deal with every day. It would be even more complicated to study and understand the coding language yourself.

A web design agency expert can be a lifesaver. They can handle all your unique website design needs while giving you enough time to focus on other important business aspects. They may also have a well-dedicated department consisting of coders and copywriters.

2.They Know SEO Strategies that Draw Traffic, Potential Leads, and High Conversion Rate

The number of businesses with websites is increasing in the past few years. But not all have achieved a great internet presence, high client conversion rate and a good return on investment. The problem may lie in your search engine optimisation. A large web design agency may well have its own specialised SEO team in-house.

This is where a web design agency may be worth paying double or triple what you would pay to a freelancer. If your niche is competitive and being on the top of page one in Google is essential, you may need an entire team of SEO specialists. While you are handling your business operation, the SEO team of specialists will strive to make your web page optimised, resulting in a high search ranking, traffic, lead generation, and customer conversion whenever your location.

Web Design Agency Cons

Like hiring a freelancer, working with a website design company has some disadvantages. Take a close look at the following:

1.The Services May Cost You An Arm or a Leg

The services of a web design agency will probably cost you a lot more than paying an individual. But it is worth it? You can have a platform that catches your target market’s interest, encourages them to make a purchase, gives them a reason to remain loyal customer, and increases your returns on investment in the long run. But this can be achieved easily by a knowledgeable freelancer.

An In-House Web Designer

Do you have the budget and capable team? Why don’t you consider the idea of building an internal group of website designers?

In House Web Designer Pros

1.They Know More About Your company

Nobody knows more about your culture, marketing vision, or business as a whole more than you do. While it is still possible to relay all this information to another organisation, it is still complicated and challenging for them to develop a website that resonates with your goals and requirements. If you establish a team for website development, you can control the process, from choosing the web host to picking the right design.

2.An Internal Web Team will Be Valuable in the Long Run

Building an in-house web design team is not as easy as 1, 2, 3, but it can be extremely valuable for a long-term objective.

When you outsource the job to a credible organisation in a business based county like Berkshire, their focus is to get the work done right away.

But with an internal team, they take their time to finish the project without compromising results. They have a personal interest in your business and will maintain your website 24/7. They can create manageable systems that may streamline your operations and modify your webpage quickly if the need arises.

In House Web Designer Pros

An internal web team may seem the best choice to have and consider. But again, it has drawbacks you should think about. A few of them are written below:

1.Recruitment Costs

It is easy to find web designers and developers today. But you cannot start with the recruitment process without a large budget. If you do not have the right resources, it would be best to outsource the project to an expert instead.

2.New Technology

Apart from recruitment expenses, it is a prerequisite to investing in new technology that could mean another big cost. But it may be a worthwhile and meaningful investment for the future.

3.The Adjustment Process is Difficult

Yes, you read it right. It takes time to adapt to an internal web designing team. It does not happen overnight. But you will get used to it as time goes on.

How to Find Certified and Capable Freelance Web Designers Near Me
If you have decided to hire a freelance web designer who is capable of graphic design and many other areas, then you are on the right website!

The variety of choices is confusing to handle regardless of your experience level. Say goodbye to any hassle along the way with the following tips:

Do Some Research

While it sounds obvious, people still forget to do some research over the internet. Although you have a busy schedule, find time to look for a web design specialist who has great reviews. Also, look at their website! If you think their website is ugly or hard to use… what chance do they have of producing a great website for you.

The countless options, however, are tiring to narrow down. The trick here is to look for the top 5 or 10 professionals. Then, compare each possible option. Look into how well they serve their clients. Read reviews. Determine their years of experience, too.

Cheap services may be tempting – you may acquire huge savings. But your website may not perform as you had hoped. You need to spend a little extra money on web designers who can deliver a product that won’t be obsolete in 5 years time – many will be. That is why you have to be willing to spend more to avoid other unnecessary expenses such as a whole new website when your template-based site stop working out of the blue. Once a developer stops updating the code for the template it is effectively dead as it isn’t going to work with the evolving technology. All of my websites are bespoke and don’t use any templates.

Ask Your Friends, Colleagues, and Other People for Some Referrals.

Searching for a website designer in Berkshire is time-consuming and troublesome. Asking your colleagues and friends for recommendations will be a clever move. It will save your time and avoid other troubles along the way if someone has worked well with a designer. You can’t always believe what they say on their website, or even possibly paid revues on Google or Trustpilot. You can only really go be previous experiences with other clients.

But that does not mean you will not do your own homework as well. Try to look at their portfolio., read client testimonials. And check out their pricing. Also, see if they provide additional services that you may need in the future. Feel free to ask them any questions you may need clarifying and you can always request references if possible.

Factors to Consider When Looking for A Web Designer

While multiple choices can be an advantage, they are daunting to deal with. Here are a few factors to consider when looking for the most capable service provider in Berkshire:

Experience in the Niche

Which is better, an experienced web design professional or a rookie fresh out of college working in their bedroom? Of course, it is the former. While the latter may be cost-effective, nothing is more relaxing than entrusting the job to a company that has in-depth expertise and experience. They specialise in programming code, graphic/logo design, branding, and more. You will be in good hands with a knowledgeable freelancer.

Website Design Skills

It is possible to develop your website yourself. But it requires a lot of time, studies, and research, which can affect your schedule as a business owner. Giving the job to trusted web developers can be a lifesaver. You do not have to master the programming code as they know everything. They are well-accustomed to WordPress, HTML, WooCommerce, Photoshop, CSS, and other codes. So, there is nothing to be afraid of. A freelance web designer can handle all your website design goals and requirements while you can focus on other critical aspects of your organisation. Although it is smart to go out of the box, your comfort zone, and expand your horizon, website design may be tougher than you expected. You may find this out long into the project, hitting a brick wall with a website that can’t be used for anything. Leave it to a professional and concentrate on running the rest of your business effectively!

Competitive and Fair Pricing Rate

If you have not created a website before, you are perhaps unaware of the cost of hiring a web developer. Do some research to set an accurate and reliable estimate. From there, identify how much you are willing to spend. Be sure to have a decent and fair budget to make your SMART goal happen. Also, note that the charges for a web design service vary with various factors, including the professional’s experience. Do not be afraid to ask your options a few questions to help you make decisions without any regrets.

Expertise in Search Engine Optimisation

Apart from web design skills, look for someone who has expertise in optimising popular search engines. Studies have found that SEO can play a significant role in today’s marketplace. It serves as the backbone of your digital advertising. If your developer lacks these competencies, all of your efforts will just go to waste. Be sure you pick a web designer that knows the basics of page loading speed, keyword implementation, and other guidelines Google requires.

Other Benefits of Working With a Freelance Web Developer

More than the quick, quality, and affordable services, a freelance web developer provides other benefits highlighted below:

Add Great Value to Your Platform

A website is proven to help organisations have a 24/7 online presence, build credibility, cut costs, expand their market, acquire consumer insights, and increase growth opportunities. But it is easier said than done. A reputable professional can streamline the entire process. They can build your platform as it should be, standing apart from competitors. You can have a responsive and creative site that leads to constant client conversion and good ROI.

Speed up Your Launching Process

Transforming any brick and mortar startup to the online world is essential in 2021/22. It is no surprise that your competitors have established their e-commerce platforms already. So, don’t get left behind. Build a site with the assistance of a professional web developer to expand your market reach and speed up your launching process.

Take Away the Stress and Inconvenience of Extra Work

Running your startup is stressful already. Taking your services to the next level to supervising your employees is tiring. You cannot afford to encounter more stress with creating and maintaining your website. A trustworthy specialist can do all the work for your peace of mind, including designing, devoting, hosting and marketing.

What Are You Going To Do Next?

Do you want to increase your pool of local customers, level up your branding, build your credibility, or improve your daily sales in Berkshire or throughout the UK? Invest all your resources in transforming your brick-and-mortar shop into an e-commerce platform online. What are you waiting for? Conquer your niche with the affordable freelance web designer at Dreamkatcha. It may be a bit of extra work in the interim, but it is worth the investment.

Remember that there is no permanent in this world but change. So, try to get out of the box, learn new things, adapt to trends/ideas, and take risks. Do not hesitate to message me if you would like further information on how to grow your business online and at affordable prices.