Graphic Designer Tends

Websites are constantly evolving to keep up with changes in technology and the way in which websites are viewed from. With so much change going on at the moment within the Digital industry, DreamKatcha has produced a useful graphic design infographic that examines some of the top trending tactics used by web and graphic designers as we head into 2017.

Additional Graphic Design Trends

There are many additional trends which we have also been observing and are well worth the mention. For example, the personalisation of icons on mobile phones, such as HTC’s Themes which lets you create customised icons, fonts and imagery to suit your individual preferences. In fact, more Brands are also putting more focus and effort on adopting a mobile-first approach before working on desktop layouts as we are now seeing a higher proportion of users browsing the web on mobile & tablet devices. Responsive design is also something that is increasingly being implemented as it is cost-effective and favoured by Google. View some of our web design projects here. The more abstract, minimalistic styles are being seen in websites with effective usage of negative space – something which you should definitely consider when it comes to logo design. As with all types of trends, some will be short-lived whilst others will be there to stay. It is important that the trend being used will fit in with the project well and provides a meaningful purpose. Contact Dreamkatcha today to discuss a start up business,  web design or logo design project.