Graphic Design vs. Web Design: What’s The Difference?

Graphic designers and web designers share certain qualities, both being artistic and creative and possessing technical skills as well. Since they are both designers, their goal is to create designs which deliver the designed purpose. They can certainly complement each other when creating a website for a client, although a graphics designer does not need to know about code.

Ideas turned into Visually Appealing Designs

Graphic artists prepare the sketches with a computer or by hand to provide some kind of vision for the design they have in mind. Their goal is to present the ideas they have and turn them into visually appealing designs. They make use of the shapes, colours and photography with their print – and layout techniques, having tremendous fun working on newspapers, posters, invitations, menus, brochures, magazines as well as other publications.

They are able to design amazing logos for businesses too. Speaking of colour, this is where a graphic-designer differs from the designing of a website. Graphic artists have consistency with colour choices but those who design websites know that different monitors offer images with different resolutions.

Website Planning and Design

Web designers working on web design, on the other hand, are not as artistic, designing websites and therefore needing to possess an engineering side as well. Web development certainly includes some graphic-design, as the website is made up of a visual medium.

Web builders have to make sure the website is dynamic so that the visitors to the site do not just click off from sheer boredom and frustration. Designing a web site will include graphic design as well as among others, copywriting, SEO, link-building, navigation, HTML coding, flash animation, pay-per-click advertising and Javascript.

The first page, the home page, will need links to the other web pages; it may have animated graphics and background sounds. The images will need to be good as clients gain a perception of your company based on how well the site has been planned and put together.

You want Clients to Place Orders and Buy

Successful graphic and web design engineers both know that they are not only creating attractive images and websites for clients. It is all about designing in such a way that clients want to be placing orders for products. Designers, therefore also create excellent business solutions for clients too, informing clients about what is on offer and always in the most enticing way.

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