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I am a freelance graphic designer offering digital and printed graphic design services in Berkshire.  This allows you to have just ONE designer producing all of your media, creating a strong and recognisable brand that instills confidence in prospective clients.

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Freelance Graphic Designer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a great logo design is priceless! Having a professionally designed logo speaks volumes about your company and how you are perceived in your marketplace.

Professionally designed brochures or catalogues for your products or services are a must in today’s fast-paced business world. Failure to inspire the viewer can make all the difference between that all-important first contact or sale.

You could be throwing the party of the century but if you fail to inspire your audience, you won’t get the attendance you’d hoped for. Dreamkatcha has spent many years in the design industry and we know what works.

With hundreds of poster designs & flyer designs being produced every day, you need one that stands out above the rest. Dreamkatcha has worked for some of the biggest companies in London, Ibiza and internationally to advertise their products or events.

Having your stationery designed by a skilled designer can help communicate professionally with your intended audience. Whether it be a letterhead, business card or even a digital email signature.

Affordable Graphic Designer

If you are designing new products or packaging, or something you have already successfully created – as a leading graphic designer in Berkshire, I have worked in this field as well. I have the tools to make your packaging look desirable or make your 2D/3D model come to life.

As visual/audio designer, I can create that mind-blowing video sequence to wow your audience, be it online or via a broadcast system. I can edit any wedding videos or business footage that needs a professional touch. I can also create audio sequences or even full musical scores. With past audio tracks placed in the top UK charts, nothing is to complex for Dreamkatcha

Do you have a photo that you would like something or someone removed from, or perhaps your portrait made younger and vibrant? Maybe you have a product that you would like situated on a different background. No job is too small or too big for Dreamkatcha.

Why not let a professional graphic designer create the designs for your entire wedding. Weddings these days can be expensive, but with the artful touch of a professional graphic designer, everything can look uniform and visually stunning. This allows you to spend your money, time and effort on other parts of the ceremony.

Affordable Bespoke Logo Design

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Professional Graphic Designer

Dreamkatcha specialises in creating bespoke logo designs. As a leading freelance graphic designer in Berkshire, I am passionate about producing unique designs that attract the attention of your chosen marketplace. For 25 years wI have been designing custom logos and branding for hundreds industries and professions.

Having worked in so many different genres, I know what works and how to get your business noticed and remembered.

Your logo design is usually the first thing your target audience will see. For this reason it is imperative to spend some time designing the right graphical representation for your business. I understand that you only have one chance to get this right, so I always make sure you are 100% happy with your artwork.

Corporate Identity & Branding

I work closely with you to understand your companies’ core values and help deliver this with a captivating and professional logo design. A logo you can be proud of, that lends itself to your companies ethos and makes an impact.

I invite you to get as involved as you like with in the creative stage. Your logo design should remain unchanged for years to come, so I ensure that you are happy to see it every day – and smile.

All of my logos are created with industry standard software and best practices. Your logo will be delivered in various high-resolution formats to ensure the correct representation on your website, corporate and social media.

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Brochure Design Berkshire

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Printed & Digital Brochure Design

Statistically it takes 4.5 seconds to determine whether or not a company has captured their potential client’s attention, therefore first impressions matter. A creative brochure design is one of the tools within marketing strategies to captivate the company’s target audience. Incorporating this tool into the sales effort, potentially yields the most consistent results.

There are components that need to be carefully considered when designing a company brochure to ensure that it captivates its audience. Foremost, the design must be creative but affordable to reproduce. Also, consider the target audience, the product or services that is provided and what action you want the client to take. A good brochure design is technically telling a summary your story.

Digital Promotion for the New Era

Brochure design can be complicated but it is very important to get it right. I will guide you through each step of the process to ensure that your brand is identified, and your message is clear. Before I begin a client’s brochure design, I will carefully study the company, product, competition and any existing media. As a freelance graphic designer, I offer creative custom designs to fit your company at an affordable price.

Once I have designed your brochure, why not create an e-brochure or mailer to go with the same marketing effort. I also offer designs for booklets, folders, leaflets, catalogues, flyers, tri-fold brochures and training manuals.. I will deliver to you a custom design (no templates). Effective creativity that will capture your potential client’s attention within that crucial 4.5 seconds.


  • Brochure Design
  • School Prospectus Design
  • Event Promotion
  • Services Leaflet
  • Flyers and Leaflet Design
  • Corporate Brochure Design
  • Ecommerce Catalogue Design
  • Event Guide Design
  • Property Brochure Design
  • Product Brochure Design
  • Sales Brochure Design

Flyer Designer Berkshire

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Printed & Digital Flyer Design

A creative and eye-catching flyer design gets the attention you need and concisely describes your service, product, or event. Flyers come in all different sizes and can be double or single-sided depending on the amount of information that you need to communicate.

I offer design services to make creative & eye-catching flyers for professional services, grand openings, club invitations, financial businesses, real estate, medical institutions, car rental companies, auto servicing and retail sales.

A professionally designed flyer is essential for attracting new clients to your business or special event.

I will create a professional, custom and most importantly, affordable flyer design to market your business, organisation or special event. No project is too big or too small!

Years of experience translates into my ability to produce quality work and offer excellent service. I have designed flyers for nightclubs, bars, corporate events, concerts, music festivals, products and much more!


  • Night club flyers
  • Wedding invitations
  • Custom pamphlet designs
  • Company pamphlets
  • Restaurant menu flyers
  • Direct mailer flyers
  • Product catalogue flyers
  • Handout flyers
  • Pricing flyers
  • Sales pamphlets
  • Business flyers

Menu Designer Berkshire

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Restaurant Menu Design

In the catering and hospitality industry, a menu is the integral part of the guest’s experience. It must be creatively designed and legible. Dreamkatcha works closely with its clients to design creative, functional and user-friendly menus that captivate and impress your customers. The menu is the single most important marketing and sales tool a restaurant has to market its food and beverages to their customers in store.

It is the only piece of printed media that you are 100 percent sure will be read by your potential customer. It can directly influence not only what they will order, but can also have a direct result on how much they may spend. Market research has proved that a good menu design can directly influence sales revenue.

Professional Menu Design is A Must!

Well-designed menus can market dishes the restaurant wants to sell more of by making those items stand out from the others using clever use of design and positioning. We listen to all your requirements to achieve a visually stunning menu design that is individual to your restaurant or takeaway.

As a creative freelance graphic designer, I do not use templates, unlike many of our competitors, as I believe that an individually designed menu is very important to the business.


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Digital Photo Retouching

DREAMKATCHA offers a full range of professional services in the area of photo retouching, restoration, manipulation and enhancement. This includes, but is not limited to: Background change, object or person elimination, colour correction, photo retouching and restoration, pageant and portrait retouching, photo colouring and photo montage. We can also add decorative photographic borders and frames, plus other digital effects. For example, perhaps you want a product shot enhanced and then set on a different background, or even a photo of yourself that would like modified to look younger or slimmer.

  • Skin Tone Perfecting
  • Eyebrow Defining/Shaping
  • Image Brightening
  • Change of Eye Colour
  • Enhance Lips
  • False Eyelashes
  • Completely alter the makeup used
  • Weight Loss/Weight Gain
  • Nose Reduction
  • Make-Up Retouch or Colour Edit (skin, eyes, lips)
  • Blemish Removal
  • Change Hair Colour
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Retouch wedding photos
  • Pets
  • Photo Touch Ups,
  • Portraits
  • Remove Photo Background
  • Product Retouch
  • Create Photo Composite
  • Property Photo Retouch
  • Retouch Building Photos
  • Change Photo Background
  • Fashion Catalogue
  • Website Content Editing
  • Photo Composites
  • Product Catalogue

Poster Designer Berkshire

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Printed & Digital Poster Design

Creative and eye-catching posters are a proven and cost effective method to increase business presence and awareness for special events! Posters designed by Dreamkatcha are great for a low-cost and high-distribution marketing campaign. Our custom designed posters are perfect for all kinds of special events, grand openings, concert or club promotions, product promotion and much more! We use our creative design and our marketing experience to create posters that will get your business or event noticed – and make it memorable!

If you need a powerful way to build your business brand or sell your new product, a creative poster design is very effective. Designed with creative graphics, photos and essential information, professionally designed posters can get your marketing message out quickly and effectively. Affordability makes posters the perfect marketing medium for any kind of business or event.

Stationery Design Berkshire​

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Printed & Digital Stationery Design

Quite often, it’s the smaller details that can make the all important impression on wowing clients and companies. From a smiling member of staff at a reception desk to ensuring that the coffee pot is always filled, hot and ready to go, these are items that can always be taken care of at a low cost. Another one of these small but extremely important details, is the use of business stationery.

Your company’s stationery is one of the initial and important considerations for your organisation or company. Professionally designed stationery, including a custom logo design, will help potential clients remember you and also confirms that your company will produce a professional and quality service.  As a professional graphic designer, I will ensure that your stationery reflects the core values of your business.

Digital Email Signature Design

Business stationery is extremely adaptable and has the ability to be customised to any requirement and budget. Designing stationery is a fun and involved process (if desired), or it can be kept classic, straightforward and simple.

Little splashes of colour may be preferred by some, or a sleek, minimalist clean look by others. Business cards are the way in which contacts will most remember you by, and quite often provides the first impression that will last – so make them unique and impressive!

Dreamkatcha considers it crucial that your online and offline marketing strategies are working towards the same goal, thus creating the same impact on your customers. Your brand is an extension of your business, therefore creating synergy in your marketing sends clear, simple instructions to your future buyers as to WHO you are, WHERE you are and WHAT you have to offer.

Product & Packaging Design

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Most purchase decisions are made within four to eight seconds of the consumer’s first scan of a shopping aisle. DREAMKATCHA creates effective packaging design using graphics, fonts and colours that will help get your products noticed. We can create multiple formats including: Product Labels, Blister Packs, Mockups,  Bottle Labels and Product Boxes. This could be for Pharmaceutical Products, Food Products, Commercial Products, Retail Products, Chemical Products, Medical Products and more!

Most importantly, your packaging design fits the image created by your advertising campaign. If this is not the case, your potential customer will become confused and you may even lose a sale. Moreover, if your product looks nothing like what the customer expects, having seen your campaign, they may not be able to find it in the aisle! The smaller your advertising campaign is, the more effective your packaging design needs to be.

Designing Product Packaging requires experience and industry knowledge. Dreamkatcha will carefully research the industry and alsI begin designing your packaging; making sure it is informative, eye-catching and professional.