“Refreshing and revitalising shade” of Greenery set to bring “restoration, revitalisation and hope” in the New Year

Choosing a colour sceme for your startup business can be critical in getting you brand recognised. Picking an unusual or trendy colour can help you get more recognised in the market Hasn’t 2016 been a turbulent old year? How many musicians have we lost? Not to mention the political earthquakes on both side of the Atlantic Ocean. It is hardly surprising to find that Pantone, the colour people, have chosen Greenery as their Color of the Year for 2017.

Greenery aims to be an antithesis of the turbulence of 2016. It is a fresh, yellow-green shade that is easy on the eyes. It reflects recent developments towards introducing natural elements in architecture and graphic design.

There has been a Pantone Color of the Year for seventeen years. The first colour to have been announced, for the year 2000, was Cerulean (or Pantone 15-4020). For 2016, Pantone chose two colours, the first time that has ever happened. Last year’s colours of the year were Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and Serenity (Pantone 15-3919).

Technical Details: Greenery:

  • Pantone Number: 15-0343;
  • RGB Code: (136, 179, 75);
  • Hexadecimal Code: #88B04B;
  • RAL Colour Code: RAL 6018.

Spring 2017 Fashion Report:

Greenery came seventh out of ten places in Pantone’s Spring 2017 Fashion Report. The 2017 Color of the Year could be a popular shade for trousers, skirts, shirts and sweaters. Top colour for Spring 2017’s fashion colour report is Niagara (17-4123), a subtle blue-grey shade.

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Dreamkatcha, 10 December 2016.