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Hiring a Graphic Designer for your Wedding

In our previous article, we have understood that weddings are an expensive investment between a couple; with many expectations from perhaps themselves and from family and friends. There is also the factor that it is an industry where many businessmen are keen to make a profit. As a consequence, many couples are focusing on budget weddings. However, we have recognised that this does not necessarily mean the wedding is to be dull and uneventful. There are many tips and tricks widely available to make that dream wedding happen.

One great tip is to introduce a graphic designer into your wedding plans, whom is experienced in logo design. Unusual as it that may seem, it will aid and enhance the important element, attention to detail at the wedding. In many cases, such an investment can make a budget decor resemble some of the grand displays that are published in magazines, such as Brides and Wedding Magazine.

A wedding logo is a representation of the happy couple. It can be used to promote their special event to their family and friends. It will be a unique design that can help their wedding standout from the many that has happened before them. The process of designing your logo could also help inspire what you as a couple would want for your wedding. For instance, considering the colour of the logo might help you decide on the overall colour scheme for your wedding. Considering the style of the wedding logo may inspire your decision of the wedding venue. For instance, a defined sophisticated logo may persuade you to choose a stately home or hotel or a summer’s garden party. A modern, or more abstract logo, may pan towards some of the more unusual and trendy venues that modern weddings frequently are hosted at.

Designing the Wedding Logo

Once you have appointed your graphic designer, a brief is needed from you. It is your responsibility to make it as detailed as you possibly can to aid the designer. As said above a wedding logo is a representation of the happy couple. Therefore consider sharing some personal information about yourselves with your designer. This can range from interests shared, pet names for each other, how you met and even details of the proposal. These are the stories that can help create your personal logo design.

If you already have ideas about your wedding logo design, include it in the design brief. For instance, the date, the venue, colour schemes and themes. Just because you have hired a designer, it does not mean that you have to relinquish your ideas and perspective. The concept is to work together.

Within the design brief, also include the potential colour(s) if not already considered, the size and the shape of your logo design. When considering the size of your logo, remember text or lines that are too small or thin are not effective; they can disappear when printed. However if your logo is on a larger scale, make sure you can reduce the size without altering your design.

Approach your designer with these factors in mind, though you need not stress about the details because a good designer will include them in their design process.

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