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Applying the Wedding Logo to the Event

With a personal wedding logo successfully designed, the next step is how to apply it to your wedding. This process can also include the graphic designer whom you have already been working with. For instance, they may be able to further their help and creativity with stationery packages that they can offer, or even have valuable contacts with print houses that you may need. Therefore in your design brief, consider discussing and sharing your ideas of how to apply the future logo design. This trick may also help keep your costs low because your designer may offer you discounts or value-for-money packages if he is able to secure a larger project with you.

Wedding Stationery Design

The most obvious method to incorporate your wedding logo is via a stationery set. In recent years, we have seen in the wedding trend the rise of the “save-the-date” initial invitation cards. This is a less formal invite with minimum details of the event. Literally it serves the purpose of announcing a wedding event-to-be with the date that your guests may wish to keep free. This can be the first opportunity for you to show off your wedding logo. Discuss with your designer of the card layout and how to include the logo. At a later date, the official invitation is to be sent out. Again, include the logo design in this invite along with the RSVP. At this point, your wedding guests may have developed a sense of what to expect at your event; effective design and organisation shadowing what colour scheme and theme the wedding will be. You have successfully created a great first impression to your wedding guests as a united couple which already has the essence of a carefully thought out visual display that they will be intrigued to see more of.

Once a first impression has been created, you want to be consistent in your wedding event. Therefore if you are having a traditional wedding breakfast, consider designing your table plan with your logo in mind. Perhaps include the logo subtly on the name cards that will be on the tables. This can help tie in the overall theme of the wedding simply at the wedding breakfast. Your table decorations, including wedding favours and perhaps the restaurant décor, could be subtly linked to your logo design, which your wedding guests have already seen via the invitations.


Digital Logo and Photo Displays

Stationery aside, consider electronic media that can also encompass the essence of the wedding theme. For instance, work with your graphic designer to create a visual display consisting perhaps of photos and/or videos of yourselves and importantly, that wedding logo design. This display can be showcased during the evening part of your wedding, perhaps before your first dance as husband and wife. If this idea appeals to you, work alongside the DJ (if you have hired one) because they are more likely to have the equipment to showcase your visual display.

Once the wedding day is over, do not forget to thank your guests for helping you create your magical day of celebrations. Thank-you cards need to be sent out. Again, the logo can be incorporated just like it was done on the invites; ending the event as you began this adventure

In our next article we will give an example of a specific wedding project, reassuring you that the ideas mentioned above are achievable and perhaps a few more suggestions.

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