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An Example of a Wedding Logo Design Project

In our previous articles, we have discussed at length and recognised the expensive investment of a wedding. Such expenses are due to the ever demanding expectations of the event and because of the ever growing wedding industry, with keen businesses trying to gain a large profit for themselves. As a consequence, the budget wedding trend is ever increasing amongst couples. However, we know that creating a dream wedding with a budget in mind, does not necessarily mean it will lack style and finesse. There are many tips and tricks to be had that can help you achieve that glossy image, which are often seen in magazines such as Wedding Magazine and Brides.

Appointing a graphic designer is one of the beneficial methods to help keep costs low and achieve that sophisticated wedding event. We have discussed the assets of having a designer; from the main purpose of designing a custom wedding logo design, personal to the couple and perhaps also aid the wedding planning process.
In this article we will give details of how a specific couple’s wedding logo design was achieved and how they applied it to their wedding.

Designing the Wedding Logo

The wedding we will discuss belongs to a couple, Lee and Fiona. They approached their graphic designer with a personal brief about themselves as they had not many ideas for their custom wedding logo design. The brief included information such as how they met, interests they shared, who they are as a couple to their family and friends and how Lee proposed to Fiona. The important factors that the designer drew upon were that both Lee and Fiona were huge fans of Disney; mainly the magical and fairy tale elements of the Disney productions. So much so, Lee even proposed to Fiona in Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyworld, Orlando.  The designer also took into consideration of their names; Lee and Fiona or Lee and Fi as they are most commonly referred to, which resounded the word “leafy”.

The couple, together with their designer created their custom logo that consisted of a leaf within a heart. Whilst designing the logo, the couple made use of the designer’s creativity and a colour scheme of purple and pink were decided upon. This has been reflected in their wedding logo design. The couple also made a decision to incorporate a magical fairy theme, which subtly reflected the Disney productions into their wedding plans. A second logo was also designed for the couple consisting of kissing fairies.

How the logo was applied

Once the wedding logo was designed, Lee and Fiona used the same designer to design a set of wedding invitations for them. Both the logo and second logo were applied; usage of pink and purple tones complimented the logo designs and coordinated well with the wedding colour scheme.

The appointed designer had useful contacts with printers and even custom made stamp companies. Therefore Lee and Fiona were able attain a great arrangement in terms of printing their invitations. They also made use of the stamp company; Lee and Fiona wanted the flexibility to create some handmade decorations themselves, for instance name cards for the wedding breakfast and to add personal touches to later stationery, such as thank-you cards. Lee and Fiona also had the second logo transferred into a wedding cake topper. This was a unique idea that was simple yet an artistic method to complete the wedding cake.

The designer was also appointed to create a visual display, which was shown before the couple’s first dance. The footage was a series of photos and videos of the couple in their relationship shown with background music. The wedding logo was also displayed at the beginning of the footage, reflecting that of the production companies advertised before a film begins; this was not only a very personal touch but promoted the sophisticated wedding arrangement.

Lee and Fiona strongly believed that all the little touches that were incorporated into the event, gave an overall sophisticated and themed wedding that would otherwise cost extravagantly. They were very happy to have had the professional input of their graphic designer but also had the freedom to add personal handmade touches to certain elements of their wedding.

To Summarise

Weddings are expensive, however the combination of graphic design and personally designed elements  can prove useful for couples planning a budget wedding. Choose a graphic designer that is experienced in logo design because we are here focusing on the benefits of having a personal custom wedding logo. It can be used in many ways to help bring all elements of a wedding together, therefore reflecting the more expensive and glossy events that are often advertised in bridal magazines.

The key is to work together with your chosen designer on the logo project. Do not hesitate to share personal information about yourselves to encourage the designer’s creativity. Also discuss how to apply the logo design and other ideas you may have with your designer because he may be able to fulfil them. Therefore creating a larger wedding project that could encourage packages, discounts and special offers.

The Graphic Designer and Website designer used in this article as an example was Lee Ault at

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