How important is a professionally designed logo for your brand.

Does your company consist of just one or two employees? Just a small startup business that you run from home or a small office? With the web explosion in the last decade, appearing to be a well-established and fair-sized company is easily achievable with the clever use of web design and just as importantly, logo design.
One terrible mistake that a lot of small business owners make is to overlook the importance of people’s perception of design. Having a well professionally designed logo can speak volumes to the general public and potential clients or customers.

A logo design is the first thing people compute when they see your business. In order to impress your market, you will need to enlist the skills of a logo designer who has been creating this art for decades. Only then can you be sure that your logo is going to be original, on-point and desirable to look at.

Your logo can instil confidence and trust in your brand. It can get you recognized and even more importantly REMEMBERED. So make sure you extend that initial budget for your professionally designed logo and you will be glad you did.

Cheap Logo Templates
Employing a cheap designer, or worse, designing your logo yourself is just a bad idea from the start. You want your logo to represent your core values and beliefs, to describe what you stand for to your market audience. Choosing the cheapest designer you can find may seem like a good idea at the time. But they are more than likely ripping off someone else’s design, or even slightly modifying a stock template.

This may save you a little money at the start, but will cost you hundreds or and more likely thousands later on down the road. Chances are you have the exact same logo as 1000 other companies all over the world.

When someone visits your site or reads a flyer you have printed and they fail to see a logo, they won’t take you seriously. Or if your logo looks like a 5-year-old knocked it up on their iPad (I swear kids are doing that these days…amazing!!), then they aren’t going to be filled with confidence. Once they read the message you are trying to portray, they will subconsciously look over the entire piece of media and form an opinion on whether to act on it.

The negative feelings that they get could range from “If they can be bothered to pay for a logo design, how good will their services be?” or “if they haven’t even got a logo, have they only just started the business?”

Give your business that fighting chance it needs to succeed.
Creating a logo along with your logo designer can be a fun experience and you will always enjoy looking at it wherever it is. Stand out from your competition and have your logo designed or even redesigned and give your customers more confidence in your products or services.

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