How To Share Access On Google My Business Account

Sharing access on Google My Business (GMB) from your desktop, laptop, or phone is very simple. We’re going to show you all of the steps with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Whenever you hire a new company to work with your business to improve your website and your marketing, onboarding is the hardest part. Dealing with the logistical side of accessing all of your accounts and assets is tough on both ends. We need to be able to access everything on your end, and you need to make sure that we can access it on your end!

While it might seem like sharing a username and password is one of the best things to do, that can create problems and privacy concerns for you. Instead, we’ve provided the steps and instructions to share access to the common tools that our team works with because that’s a superior solution.

Sharing GMB Access From A Laptop or Desktop

Before you can share the access, you need to pick one of the three roles. The roles are manager, owner, and site manager. All three of these roles are different, and you might not be able to pick depending on your own role with the website and the company.

We ask for the top level of Google My Business Access, that of the Owners. They can do anything, including managing your listings which is what we are going to be doing for you. Managers aren’t able to remove listings and can’t add or remove users.

We once dealt with a client who had lost access to their account when the person with Owner access left the company. Since we only had Manager access, we couldn’t add employees or make the changes we needed to. Then every one of our listings needed to be verified again just so everyone could regain their account access.

Finally, the site managers only work with the content. This is the level of access that interns, assistants, and virtual assistants should have. Their jobs can include posting light edits, pushing outposts, and responding to reviews and comments.

Step 2: Signing Into Google My Business

After you sign in to Google My Business, then you need to open up the dashboard. The next step might change depending on if you have multiple locations or not.

Step 3: Choose Your Location (If Applicable)

You should see a list of locations if you have multiple locations. Click on the location that you want to use, and it should open. If you have logged into the wrong account for your google business, then you need to log back in with the right one.

If only one location is applicable to your business, then you should not see the location screen and can skip this step. If your business has multiple locations you want to share access to, then you need to repeat these steps for each business you wish to add.

Google My Business instructions web designer

Step 4: Click on Users in the Left Navigation

Clicking on this should get you a pop-up box that is going to show you the names of everyone with access.

Google My Business instructions website designer

Step 5: Click the “Add” Icon on the Upper Right Side of the Box

Step 6: Enter Our Email Address in the Box Provided

GMG instructions website designer Berkshire

We have provided you with an email address to enter here.

Step 7: Use the Drop-down Menu to Choose the Owner Designation.

Step 8: Make Sure We Have Access to the Account With An Email.


Sharing GMB Access Via Email

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

It looks like three horizontal lines

Step 2: Tap on the “Manage Users” Option

Step 3: Check Your Location

Look at all of the options across your screen and make sure you are in the right location. The biggest circle on the top of the screen is the location you are in, with the little circles as other locations.

Step 4: Tap The Plus Sign-On The Current List Of Users

Step 5: Enter the Email Address and Search

If you enter the email address that we gave you, you should see my information pop up.

Step 6: Tap the Plus Sign and Go to the Select Role Menu

Step 7: Choose the Owner Role

Step 8: Verify the Access with an Email

Sharing Access vs Giving Logins

As stated before, providing your username and password would be much easier. However, there’s a key reason we don’t do it. First, we can work more efficiently since our entire business revolves around Google my Business.

We are on the accounts every single day, and it is much easier to have all of the accounts in one place. Plus, we only get to use one login code for all of our clients. It makes it much easier to access everything rather than having to remember dozens of usernames and passwords. With the time that we save logging in and out, we put all of that back into your business.

It Improves Business Security

Your account is still your property, and not ours. Sharing your account via Google my Business allows you to keep us out of your account. You have full account access without having to worry if someone else is logged in. Plus, if you ever decide to do business with another company, you don’t need to change your username and password. Instead, you just need to remove us from your Google My Business Account and add them.

Using the Access Option Everywhere!

The ability to give everyone access to your account vs handing out your login information isn’t just for Google My Business. Facebook, WordPress, Google Ads, and other websites all allow for revocable access to be provided. Then, you can get into your account whenever you want, making sure that your assets are all safe while still allowing our company to do the work.

Make sure to keep your account open and understand what the access option can do for you. That way you won’t take chances with your business.

If all of this fails for any reason you can use the mobile app and follow these Google instructions.