Business Website vs. Facebook Page: Which is Best?

Marketing your small business needs a powerful digital component nowadays. Deciding where to use your time, either business website or Facebook page is crucial when allocating your time to marketing your small business.

Remember that a strong digital presence is a key to success, especially in our tech-oriented world. You will find many reasons to add Facebook to your overall digital marketing initiatives. However, that does not indicate it must be a Facebook page versus a business website conversation.

Nonetheless, keeping a website needs money and time that small business owners do not have in huge supply. Are you looking for methods to streamline your online efforts? Facebook’s updates might seem interesting. But are they good enough to stand in for having your business website?

Which is Best to Have: Business Website or Facebook Page?

The answer to this question is very simple — YOU NEED BOTH.

Keep in mind that there’s no alternative for lead nurturing, user personalization, and brand control which could be accomplished through a business website. Using Facebook only might work for specific consumer-based businesses such as bars, and restaurants. However, they are an inefficient strategy for eCommerce,  Business to Business or any form of a competitive market.

Does your standard buyer do a good amount of research before making a buying decision? Then your best option is to guide them through a strategic content funnel on your website.

Here are crucial reasons you need a business website, although you may already have a Facebook page for your business.


Consumers often trust businesses with a website and Facebook page over those with a Facebook page only. That means there’s a chance of a customer picking a competitor over you, who has both of them. That goes back to professionalism and credibility.

Take note that business websites are a badge of loyalty. Further, search engines also give importance to businesses with websites, which eventually can be the determining factor to whether your business will succeed.

Searchability and SEO

What would you do if you like to search for a business within your area? Do you search for it on Facebook or Google it? Of course, you first go on a search engine, like Google. That’s how people will look for a specific product or service relevant to your business.

That suggests there’s less possibility for them to search for you on Facebook unless they know your brand or company. Indeed, Google indexes Facebook pages. Still, your business site offers you the flexibility to optimize for certain keywords or keyphrases that apply to your business, making you much simpler to locate.

Limited accessibility

Take note that not all of your potential audience is available on Facebook or using any social media platform. Even if they do, they need to like your page for them to receive your notifications. What’s more, not all people who liked your Facebook Page will view your updates.

A study proves that Facebook’s organic page has lowered substantially. Hence, having a website is the only legitimate way of running a successful business going forward.

Restricted functionalities

Simply having a Facebook page on its own is massively restrictive as to how much information and branding you can apply to it? It offers you inadequate features to share your business info. Even the given ABOUT section has extremely limited options.

The worst part here is that you cannot even share your details about your team members, pricing, services, and other key points that make your company or organization what it is. Leaving your Facebook page representing your company, looking exactly like the other millions of pages out there.

Your Facebook Page is not and never will be yours

Imagine if one day, Facebook decided to stop supporting business anymore? All your followers and client base will go to waste. Indeed, Facebook will not shut down its business pages anytime soon.

Nevertheless, you don’t have any control over any modifications the platform chooses to implement. For example, many businesses experienced a difficult time when the platform switched to the new business page timeline model and updated the page to accommodate the new layout.

You see, having your own website will make sure you have 100% full control of how it looks and the features you can use to support your business, without any sudden interruptions or annoyances.

Hopefully, this illustrates that both having a business website and a Facebook page is essential for you, as there are excellent benefits to have both working together for your business!

If you would like to discuss expanding your business for the security of your future, with a WordPress website that is easy for you to edit, please contact me below.