Why have an attractive website design?

Website design infographic showing colour designs

A business is an organisation involved in the trade of goods and services to customers for a profit. The field of trade could be
providing organic produce within a local area or something that is more global such as worldwide corporate financial expertise. With trade comes competition. Competition is a contest between individual businesses for clients and profit. Competition is a familiar aspect in any field of trade; but what a businessman does not want is fierce competition.
Counteract this component is one of the key tools to making your
business survive.

In today’s current climate, a key strategy that would establish your business via an online presence. Therefore an attractive website is extremely important. Your website should be an interesting designed format to represent your business online. It should reflect your business to attract visitors to your site, whom may become your potential clients. Great first impressions is a long standing statement to present oneself. However, this can also be extended to a website design. After all, you are presenting your business to potential clients via modern technology.

An attractive website design
is one that intrigues viewers to want to explore deeper into the whole website. First and utmost, your website should initially be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This can be achieved with colour visual stimulation that would inspire the viewer. Once the viewer’s
attention is held, you need to consider your website usability.

Website usability

Website usability is the focus on the ease of use of a website. This can include the presentation of concise and relevant information to the subject of the website. The strategic placement of items in appropriate areas within the website is considered too. Perhaps whether the website is suitable for all ages and gender should also be considered.

In terms of incorporating a website in a business direction, website usability is very important. Good website usability creates a good impression for visitors that may be potential clients. It is an important strategy to make the website easy to navigate; enabling visitors to quickly find what they are searching for. Without this feature, visitors will simply move onto another relevant website offering what they want. Therefore a potential client is lost. Therefore, when designing your website, although it should incorporate your personal ideas and inspiration in terms of the artistic aspect of
the website, the visitors’ needs should take priority. Website usability focused on visitors could mean potential clients for the business and in turn the success of your online business.

The key components to website usability are to have a clear and simple navigation system, it must consist of clear, simple and relevant content and good branding of the business which operates as advertisement for the business.

Lastly, when the website is fully designed, a usability website test would be highly recommended. For instance, designing a website for your business is a very personal project. The website is inspired by your personal design ideas. It is your personal visualisation. The website is full of content that you are proud of and interested in. This does not necessarily be in agreement with the average visitor. Adjustments maybe needed to suit that of your visitor as well as something that reflects you and your business.