The importance of having a custom logo design

What is logo design

Within the field of graphic design, logo is a very important area and one of the most difficult to perfect. A logo is a graphic representation used by commercial enterprises, organisations and even individuals. Often logos are uniquely designed to aid and promote instant public recognition; a form of advertisement for the company. Logos are either purely graphic or are composed of the name of the business. A good logo design is meant to represent the company’s brand or corporate identities and to expand their customer recognition.

Therefore it is counterproductive to frequently redesign a logo. Logos should be designed with perfection first time round to maintain company branding and customer recognition. Hence it can be productive to seek the help of a professional graphic designer.

Choosing the right graphic designer

A good graphic designer should be able to interpret any design ideas or needs of the individual they are working with. They should reflect the individual’s artistic outlook and work ethic, therefore together are more likely to produce a perfect logo design. A professional designer will have technical knowledge (bitmaps vs. vector, bleeds etc.) and be time specific. These are important factors that will contribute to a healthy working relationship.

Also, bear in mind the designer should be able to provide you with a vector logo. The following files should also be provided to you; the original (vector) file from the program the logo was designed in, a .pdf of the logo, a .eps of the logo and three high resolution.jpg’s of the logo, one 24″ wide, one 12″ wide and one 2″ wide. Such files are needed not necessarily by you but by your future printers.

When designing the logo, the designer should also be bear in mind the colour(s), size and shape. When these three elements are considered correctly, it will help minimise future cost implications; for instance when the logo design is transferred to different media. However, this is a process that requires team work from both parties. Therefore the individual should aid the designer by providing a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand, as well as an understanding of the consumer group.

Professional graphic designer vs. money saving technique

Some individuals may consider employing a graphic designer not a worthy financial investment for their business. They may have a basic knowledge in graphic design and to save money, opt for programs that are designed for creating such logos. However, such programs have pre-defined logos. The first step in designing your own custom logo would be choosing an existing design from the software’s collection, before altering it to your own vision of design. This technically does not give the company its own custom logo design; it will not be unique and more likely not creating that crucial first impression on potential clients.

Professional graphic designers prefer to use their own creativity and vision to produce a design that will most certainly be unique, which will distinguish that company from its competitors. However, an important rule is to allow the designers sufficient time to re-work on the design, until both the designer and you are sure the logo is satisfactory.

The purpose of a logo design

First, before examining the purposes of logo design, it should be understood that logos stem from consumer psychology. To have a good logo design is a tool to attract and withhold the attention of the consumer, alongside the experience or product the company has to offer. When a favourable experience or product is remembered, the human brain associates itself with the design logo of that company. For instance, the human brain associates the iconic tick with sportswear and the famous ‘M’ with burgers and fries.

Focusing on the purposes of logo design, it is there to represent the company in an attractive and artistic persona. It should be uniquely designed with the capabilities to stand out from its competitors and create a positive impression that should last. With that said, the company has therefore partly established their brand identity through its logo design. A company that has brand identity means they have customer recognition. Customer recognition is very important for a business because it holds the clients’ attention for perhaps further business or recommendations are made, creating potential new clientele. Also, a good logo design is a tool to promote the company and its services and products. Therefore a good logo can act as a form of advertisement.
A logo design with meaning and purpose is as important as choosing the company name. The logo is the heart and soul of your company and they are the biggest and most important representatives of your organisation. The logo of your company keeps reminding people about the presence of your company through your company’s custom logo design.

Logo design usage

A logo design provides the company with unity and with unity, professionalism is reflected. The logo can be transferred to many kinds of media. For instance, a complete stationary set can be designed with the logo in mind; this includes business cards. It can be printed on advertising materials such as promotional posters and flyers or even as vehicle decals. If the company is providing a product, have the logo printed on the products. If the company is providing a service, perhaps have the logo printed on the company’s uniform.

The importance of having a good logo design is very important to a business. It should be professionally designed to ensure uniqueness, which helps the company to standout from its competitors, creating customer recognition and therefore a brand identity. Use the logo design as a tool for advertisement and reflect the company’s professionalism.

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