The Importance of Sound Stationery Design

Why stationery design is too important to compromise

If a picture paints a thousand words, there’s every chance its choice of typeface could make or break the business. In other words, skimping on your stationery design could project the wrong kind of image. If you remember our previous blog post on the Oscar nomination slips, you may well know already.

Most importantly, stationery design should be consistent with your company’s corporate identity. Take for example, Lufthansa: they have used the Helvetica typeface more or less since its creation. Not only for its aeroplanes but also its timetables and website. The clean glyphs and tails are associated with modernity, which has made for a timeless look. For the last six decades.

Though the age of paperless office is getting closer, always allow for customers who need a paper copy. For tax return records, invoices and receipts should be easy to read. Again, with your company’s corporate identity. Even with smartphones and tablets, there is always space for hard copy business cards. Don’t forget compliments slips.

Stationery design the Dreamkatcha way

We at Dreamkatcha believe sound stationery design speaks volumes about your company’s image and is also enhanced by a great logo design. You can either send us your company logo, or let us create a sparkling design which best reflect your business’ corporate identity. We have worked on designs for sole traders, limited companies, and more besides.

We are the last company on Earth to use Comic Sans for a funeral directors’ bespoke stationery package. Nor would we use dull colours for a day nursery. We are able to think outside the box whilst remaining faithful to your needs. On the 30 January 2014, we thought exactly the same way, and still do today. Here’s a video clip from that very first blog post.

Dreamkatcha, 13 July 2017.

Stationery design background by Studiotan (via Shutterstock).

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