WordPress has come along way in the last decade, enabling web designer and web developers alike to construct easy to use website with CMS. CMS is short for Content Management System, a back end framework that allows a client to edit their website with no programing knowledge.

What would cost thousands a decade ago is now expected from web design clients as standard. Once a website is completed by the designer, the end user can modify and expand their own website with no further implications of cost. What’s more it is so simple and user friendly that almost anyone can be a web designer

The only drawback to this system is that WordPress is open source software. In short, this means all of the code for the website is freely available for anyone to sift through and find a weakness in either plugins or actually in the website core. With this information so widely exposed, it has lead WordPress users to fear the evil work of hackers more than ever.
As soon as a new update of WordPress is released, the baddies get to work on finding a way into your website. It may be a brute force attack, a phishing email, a direct attack through the server or even a third party piece of software such as a plugin or add-on.







On the flip side, the code is also available to the goodies (yay) and this helps vulnerabilities to be found and fixed much quicker than in days of old. This being the reason for so many constant updates of the CMS software.
For this very reason it is imperative to always have your core software, plugins and theme as up to date as possible. The longer your site is out of date, the easier it is for a hacker to find a way in.

What would a hacker gain from infiltrating my website? Simply for fun, to gain knowledge or to show off their skills.

WordPress seems to always be targeted, so why do we use it?

WordPress has to be the most popular platform for web designers to create sites, totaling 25% of all websites on the web today.
We have white hat hackers and black hat hackers, you can obviously decide which ones fight to keep our systems up and running. Although it is a constant battle, every minute or every day, throughout the world.

Nothing if you are hosted with Dreamkatcha! We are one of the only web design companies that will keep all of you websites and plugins up to date all included in your yearly hosting package. You can also rest assured that your website is hosted on one of the most secure and technologically advanced servers in the country. What’s more we are constantly upgrading your WordPress security to make sure you are always one step ahead of the baddies! :0)

Our websites can never be 100% protected from hackers, but they can be 99%.