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If your company is planning on building a solid, professional brand identity, hiring a professional graphic designer is imperative. You could be damaging your brand by hiring an amateur to create a logo or perhaps worse, doing it yourself;. Perhaps having no previous experience in logo design, you wont know the finer details that make a  real impact! Hiring a professional logo designer will enable you to create a unique design that is eye-catching and captivating…and above all memorable!

There are various online logo banks and contest sites where you can get a logo designed for very small budgets. When using online short-cuts like “Fiverr” and “PPH“, you are just asking for trouble down the road. 99% of these logo designs have come from a library of clip art. This means they are impossible to copyright and you may end up in hot water using them as a company logo.

My custom logo design approach gives you a choice of unique and genuinely original logo design ideas. Let it be something you want to show off, be proud of and be sure it is reflecting your professional service. Graphic elements, icons, fonts and colour schemes are all  part of the design process – but so are your ideas. You know your company and its market better than anyone, that is why I work so closely with my clients, to help sculpt that perfect logo to represent your business.

If you are serious about how your company is perceived by potential customers, then a professional branding campaign or well designed logotype is definitely the first thing you should consider when setting up your new business. Subconsciously, a customer will recognise your company ahead of others if you outshine them in the branding department. You will come across as more established and committed to give good service. This alone could be enough to close that all important contract.

Don’t Just Buy a Logo.
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Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part

A logo can make the difference between a customer choosing you, or one of competitors

Inexperienced designers may take an exceptionally long time or have poor communication. They may even copy an existing logo to an extreme extent, and fail to provide you with the necessary files you need for your required applications.

A professional logo designer will work closely with you, encourage useful feedback and ask you important preliminary questions before doing the necessary research and design.

Professional Logo Designer in London

Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part
Why Choose a Professionally Designed Logo?

At DREAMKATCHA I believe collaboration between client and designer is key to achieving optimal brand identity. Your custom logo design is the first thing a client will see, and they will instantly judge your brand or company from this moment forward. So make sure they are the best they can possibly be!

A professionally designed  logo is crucial if you want to be taken seriously by the public or other companies alike. So the bottom line is you need one, but how much should I spend on it? This really depends on how much of a feature your logo is going to play in the marketing of your brand.

Corporate Branding

If you simply need a logo to represent your brand on media such as; your company vehicle, printed or digital stationery and of course your website, then the START-UP LOGO DESIGN PACKAGE is probably the right fit for you. 3 full colour designs for you to choose from and develop.

If you plan to show off your logo and really want people to recognise you, talk about you…and remember you, this can all be achieved by a well thought out branding campaign. I will work with you to determine what is the best course of action for you and your business.

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Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part
The Logo Design process
Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part


Once I receive your creative brief via the online form, I create your logo design concepts that explore the different directions of design, based on your preferences and ideas. 

Then I will send you the designs via email and await your confirmation of a chosen logo design, or perhaps a combination of elements and colours from various designs!


Once you choose the concept that follows the direction you want to take your logo, I will develop a new logo using your comments as a guide.

A logo design revision is defined as an alteration of font, colour or text/graphic layout. Sizeable requests outside of these definitions may be considered an additional/new logo design, therefore an additional charge may be required to continue.


After your project is finalised, your files will be zipped and emailed to you. You will receive all of the files you may need for print or web including JPEG, PDF, PNG.

If your logo was designed as a Vector, you will receive AI/EPS. However, some logos may not lend themselves to being a Vector graphic; these include logos that have a large amount of colours or effects on them. Please specify from the outset if you will require a Vector Logo Design.


Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part

We design fully responsive websites from the ground up. No templates are used and your site comes fully equipped with the latest technology. Along with the highest security and daily backups, your website is easy to edit and expand with no previous skills required.

With hundreds of posters being produced every day, you need one that stands out above the rest. Dreamkatcha has worked for some of the biggest companies in London, Ibiza and internationally to advertise their product or event.

Having professionally designed brochures or catalogues for your products or services is a must. Failure to inspire the viewer, can make all the difference between that all-important first contact or sale.

Having your stationery designed by a professional can help communicate professionally with your intended audience. Whether it be a letterhead, business card or even a digital email signature.

You could be throwing the party of the century but if you fail to inspire your audience, you won’t get the attendance you hoped for. Dreamkatcha has spent many years in the entertainment industry and we know what works.

Whether you are designing a new product or packaging one you have already successfully created, Dreamkatcha has worked in this field as well. I have the tools to make your packaging look desirable or make your 2D/3D model to come to life.

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