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freelance web designers in Berkshire

Music Web Designer London

Dreamkatcha is a professional music web design company that has been trusted by some of the biggest names in the music industry.

I build websites for London agencies, DJs, musicians, artists, recording studios, and all other music industry-related companies. My eye-catching designs enable my music industry clients to harness the full power of the internet.

If you are serious about making 2021 the best possible year for you, then you need to make sure you have a solid workhorse in place.

Cheap Music Web Design

Forget the free web builders and generic templates that low cost designers will palm you off with. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to invest in a tool that delivers your content in a way that captivates and impresses your audience.

As a music website developer, all of my websites are professionally crafted from the ground up to give you the best possible online tool. Working for you in the background all day and night throughout the year. I engineer SEO and user experience into every element of your website design. This enables you to get the best exposure and engagement possible.

Is Facebook Enough?

Many people rely on social media platforms such as Facebook and Soundcloud to showcase their work and engage with their clients and followers.

Where I see this is a quick and simple option, it is extremely limited and in the new digital age, people want to feel more immersed in an experience.

The only way to captivate and deliver this through a browser is to have a professionally designed website where you can express yourself and your brand 100%.

I love what I do, whether it's making music myself, or helping you express yours!
freelance web designers in Berkshire

I have been lucky enough to work with some legendary London & international artists and agencies

Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Club UK
Logo design by Dreamkatcha for Defected Records
Logo design by Dreamkatcha for Matt Darey
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Offaiaih
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Stonebridge
Logo design by Dreamkatcha for Trus Dos
Logo design by Dreamkatcha for Incentive Music
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for El Divino Ibiza
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Houseworks music
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Mark Sherry
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Marc Vedo
A ibiza based company displaying our logo design
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Mashup Tunes
Logo design by Dreamkatcha for Marcella woods
Logo design by Dreamkatcha for Bagleys London
Music Website design by Dreamkatcha for Demello Djs
Logo design by Dreamkatcha for Agent Asia
Music Website designby Dreamkatcha for Boho ibiza
Multi-Sensory Integration

Audio-visual congruent presentation leads to a more intense and emotional response.
Stimulate the mind and senses by having a dynamic website that captivates your audience.

Web Design London

Every website I produce is unique and reflects your core message and brand. Rather than having a boring, lifeless website that are two-a-penny, let’s produce something that stands out from the rest. A website you can be proud of and smile every time you see it.

Website CMS

All of my websites use Content Management Systems. These are easy for you to edit and expand at any time without any skills and free of charge!


Allow fans to stream tracks or albums as soon as you finish them via online streaming or download. Integrating Soundcloud, Spotify and other music platforms.

Social Media

Do you spend a lot of time adding to social media sites? I can automatically integrate this work to appear on your website as soon as you hit return and vice-versa. So, no matter where you post, it will appear on all platforms.


Sell your track downloads, CDs, or any other merchandise you have to offer directly from your website.

Blog & Newsletter

Keep die-hard fans in the loop every month and capture visitor email address and contact info.


A picture paints a thousand words! So why not treat your followers to photos and videos and enhance their experience.


Sell tickets for tours or events live from your site quickly and easily. Or simply link in a 3rd party to run on your site seamlessly.

Many artists have written off 2021...

…but we mustn’t lose sight of what is to come and how to prepare for the most successful 2021/22 possible.

When this is all over and life eventually returns to normal, all those in need of music and expression will still be there.

If you want to bounce back stronger in 2021/22 you need to put your best foot forward now. Have a professional music web designer create a solid portal for you or your agency.

A second digital wave has begun London!

First we saw physical records and CDs turn to downloads and streaming. Now we are all looking at our mobile devices and computers for live productions and artist and agency engagement.

For the first time, we are seeing the global music industry adopt the internet as its’ primary source for exposure. Digital advancements in technology are creating new opportunities and business models for everyone in the music industry in various forms.

With more and more people working from home and permanently on the internet, competition for the limelight will be fierce from here on out. So making sure your website stands out from the crowd may be imperative to your success.

Those that understand the importance of exposure, know there is no better way than to have a unique and powerful website working for them 24/7 in the background. A resource for your followers to view upcoming events or releases. You may also wish to use your website as a means to engage with your fans live.


I am offering our services at an extremely discounted rate to all of those in the music industry to bounce back in 2021. This includes website design, graphic design (including logo design and branding). Together with all the whistles and bells that you need to captivate your audience on today’s media platforms.

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