The Power of Bespoke Imagery and Original Photography

How to ditch the stock images and go for bespoke imagery instead

Imagine you are about to dive into web design and give your website a new look. You may have coded your website from scratch or used a CMS like WordPress. You might have considered suitable images, but where from? Do you go for your own images or subscribe to a stock image source? Though stock images are fine for a quick fix, some of your eagle eyed customers could tell the difference between stock imagery and bespoke imagery. Take a tip from us: go for bespoke imagery. Stock imagery is the “Eat Boring Sandwich” option. Continuing with the theme of McCann Erickson’s advertising campaign for Subway, bespoke imagery is the “Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich” option. It’s the bee’s knees, the dog’s ‘you know what’; the Southwest Chipotle sauce which makes your website stand out from the competition. There are two ways of adding original photography to your website. Firstly, you might be a whizz with the camera yourself. If so, you could put your cameras to good use – whether the latest DSLR or a 35mm Leica IIIG rangefinder. How you use your equipment, as well as having high quality photographic kit, matters. For indoor shots, you could invest in studio equipment and suitable lighting, but the initial capital is only worth it, if you have a photographic studio yourself. If you only need limited access to a studio, look into hiring a photographic studio and compare hourly rates in your locality. Or you could hire a professional photographer, especially if you are too busy to take your own pictures. We at Dreamkatcha can also do image manipulation and retouching services, to add the finishing touches to your image. Whatever project you are undertaking – in web or print forms – we can offer a touch of class worthy of the greats.

One more thing…

Don’t be afraid of using your company’s premises for your images. The use of bespoke imagery would add more value to your projects than a stock photo. Especially when the same male and female group has been seen on websites from Bracknell to Bangalore. Twin Lens Reflex camera image by TW Stock (via Shutterstock). Sorry about that, but we would take our own picture of a TLR camera if we had the time. Contact Dreamkatcha today to discuss a start up business,  web design or logo design project.