Brochure Design: Cavisculpt

the brochure designed for cavisculpt with no picture

CaviSculpt, a business in the Ascot/Windsor area of Berkshire, promotes a new beauty system that encourages a slimmer figure. After the success of previous flyers published, designed by us, CaviSculpt achieved huge popularity within the beauty industry. Therefore the business approached us again to create a brochure design to promote their product to the beauty salons and the spa industry. Already established with the logo we have designed for the business, along with the colour scheme from previous flyers, which we also designed, the graphic design brief for the brochure was straightforward. This was CaviSculpt’s intention; due to a past successful working relationship with easy communication with us at Dreamkatcha, a straightforward design brief was attainable and it meant they could have the brochure efficiently designed.


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20th November 2013