Brochure Design: Ultimate Fitness

a brochure with fitness equipment on

Ultim8 Fitness is a Windsor, Berkshire based company within the weight loss and beauty industry. The company had brought out a version of the well-known vibration plate. Ultim8 Fitness approached Dreamkatcha to be the company’s graphic designer; to design a brochure for them to promote their new product. The design brief was simple, it had to be professional and informative. The company had huge competition to contend with, so the brochure design needed to capture people’s attention. Competitors such as Power Plate, Bodycore, BodyTrain and Cintura have international status within that industry and therefore have a monopoly in gyms and in personal home use. However the professional and straightforward brochure design with clear pictures of the product, achieved what was intended; a good source of clientele from the local areas of Berkshire and across the UK.


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20th November 2013