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a large pink butterfly with boho letters

Dreamkatcha has worked with many clients in the nightclub and entertainment industry in Ibiza, gaining much notoriety as a trusted and effective designer for that specific industry. Therefore the club promoters of this startup business, BoHo Ibiza, asked us to help them launch the new nightclub. This involved a branding campaign, which included a logo design to promote the nightclub’s identity. Promotional posters needed to be designed, printed and online brochures were created, newsletters, flyer designs and party invites were also produced. The business also wanted us to design a website for the nightclub. Such a large project is usually entrusted to large corporate design companies, therefore Dreamkatcha was most thrilled and flatter to have been given such an opportunity. After extensive meetings and creative sessions with the promoters, we came up with this logo design. It was eye catching, graceful and had a bohemian feel to it, which reflected the business plan in place for this soon to be launched nightclub in the heart of Ibiza’s busiest district San Antonio.


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20th November 2013