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A large button from a cdj800 mixer with DD in the centre

Digital Detox was a startup business competing in the music and entertainment industry. The business was setup by two DJs wanting to revolutionise the modern day dance scene. They had high expectations for their business and aimed to be instantly recognised as a DJ and music based company in the UK. Digital Detox commissioned Dreamkatcha to design a logo for that purpose. Together, we decided to use elements from existing music associated icons, such as turntable buttons and other equipment used by DJs. The logo design needed to be simple but effective because it was to be implemented on various printed and online media to promote what the company offers. When the logo was produced, we also worked with the company on a long-term advertising campaign; Dreamkatcha was designing monthly promotional flyers for the company. Digital Detox has since been recognised in the renowned areas of London’s nightclub and bar industry. They also hold regular events within Berkshire and Hampshire’s nightclub scenes.


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20th November 2013