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A large dreamcatcher from the old company logo design

Dreamcatcher Studios is a Berkshire based graphics design company in the UK. The company specialises in website design and graphic design. In the past eighteen years, the company has produced many websites, logo designs and promotional posters and flyers and other media for established companies and businesses and for those that are starting anew. Dreamcatcher Studios is the predecessor of Dreamkatcha. The company has recently undergone a rebranding project to modernise its business to further compete in the very competitive industry of design.

The original logo for this company was established with its name through the inspiration of close friends to the owner. Lee Ault had a close friendship with the Husky sisters from Florida, USA, whom had great interests in Native Americans and made dreamcatchers as a hobby. When Lee’s time in Florida came to an end and returned to the UK to begin his new journey with his company, not yet named, the Husky sisters personally made and sent a dreamcatcher to him for good luck in his new adventures. This inspired Lee to name his company Dreamcatcher Studios and design his company logo based on that gift. Presently, with the rebranding of the company, Lee has kept an aspect of the original theme through his business. A secret shared, the original gift of the dreamcatcher is still hung on the studio wall today.


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20th November 2013