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El Divino was one of the most glamorous and most successful nightclubs in Ibiza. The nightclub’s promoters approached us at Dreamkatcha by word of mouth from the island’s many club promoters. The nightclub needed to update their existing website; bring it to the twenty first century. The team of promoters commissioned us to redesign their website because they had seen the many website design projects we have completed for successful nightclubs in London, Sydney, New York and Ibiza. The head promoter of El Divino nightclub flew us out to Ibiza for a more personal design meeting. The challenging website was created back in the UK studio, and many visits to and from the island ensured we were always working closely together on every detail.

We created an introduction for the website accompanied with a new track that Defected records, friends of Dreamkatcha, had signed and was willing to let us feature in our design. The track used, later became so well know, and associated with that actual intro animation around the island of Ibiza, that people were talking about it everywhere. Due to the popularity of the intro – something that had never really been seen online before, the nightclub’s website needed its own dedicated server to handle the traffic. We at Dreamkatcha, consequently became very sought after amongst the promoters of the nightclub industry in Ibiza and London.


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20th November 2013