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website with linekers bar and signs

Linekers Bars and Nightclubs are world famous within the nightlife, music and entertainment industry. The company has locations in the Mediterranean such as Ibiza and within the UK. The collaboration between the promoters of the company and ourselves at Dreamkatcha began when we were approached to discuss future projects that the team may commission us to design. They had discovered our work through other promoters within that industry.

Our first task was to design Linekers Ibiza website. This was a design project to start from the beginning. The team was very pleased with our design work and further commissioned us to redesign websites for other Linekers bars and nightclubs, such as the ones located in Zante, Alcudia, Benalmadena and Paphos. Some of these websites we are still currently hosting. We have since created logo designs for various products and also designed monthly flyers and posters for the purposes of promotion, which we still currently do. We have also created animated sequences for the company’s nightlife competitions. Due to our continued successful working relationship, Dreamkatcha frequently flies out to the Mediterranean during the summer months to have a review meeting with the team, regarding current website designs and other upcoming projects for its bars and nightclubs. These include flyer designs, posters designs and nightclub visual displays to promote the company’s parties and events.


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20th November 2013