Website SEO has a natural evolution for all well constructed websites. Search Engines recognise the thin line between organic and legitimate key words and structure. It also recognises what is described as “spam”; adopting a zero tolerance policy towards any suspicious activity – a blacklist or spam flag is imminent if the web designer is not experienced with the modern SEO details.

DREAMKATCHA will design your website from the outset with this in mind. Your site will be submitted to all search engines and have SEO rich content, which will place you firmly in your desired area online.

If however, SEO is going to be integral to your business and a first page placement is essential to your success, DREAMKATCHA has partnered with a dedicated SEO company. Not only do we work together on more demanding and technical projects, but they also have the capability to get you the best possible SEO rankings on all of the most popular search engines.

If your website is more of a niche area, then search engine placement can sometimes be relatively easy. It could be that you are listed on the first few pages of a search engine simply from the content you have written and design of the website from Deamkatcha.


If your website is of a very popular and competitive nature, a serious SEO process is necessary to get a good placement on search engines. Some companies will charge you thousands for this privilege, and will often be massively overcharging you for the work they are doing.

As described in more detail in the “Why Us” section, we believe in delivering the most cost effective solution to our clients. With this in mind (and for our own benefit) we have tracked down the best SEO professionals from around the globe, and settled with our current partner. They have the ability to get you amazing search engine placements at a fraction of the cost that other SEO companies who promise you the world, but with an astronomical price tag!

For example, our own website and along with other websites such as medication, injury lawyers, gambling and mortgages, web design and SEO websites are the hardest to rank on the planet; yet you have managed to find my site amongst all of the super agencies and corporate giants, who I guarantee are paying thousands for their placements on the search engines.


Achieve your goals quickly and affordably, all under one roof.