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Starting A New Business?

Thousands of people start their own company every year. Some want to work for themselves. Others may have a great idea or a lifetime passion that they want to share and perhaps turn a profit on. Motivation and commitment are vital if you want to be successful, along with creative structure and a good business plan.

However, if your company isn’t noticed, or if your graphic design fails to inspire, turning your ideas into a reality can be a struggle. Dreamkatcha has helped hundreds of people either start a business for the first time, or helped them expand and grow their current company.

Everything You Need to Get Started Online

My weapon of choice: design! Using eye-catching logo design, informative and creative websites, brand development and stunning company based media. Wow your customers from the outset with our START-UP BUSINESS PACKAGE.

Having all of your media designed by the same person helps to create a solid brand identity. This alone can give your potential clients or customers the confidence they need to make that first phone call or transaction. I always encourage my clients to get involved and really make the whole process as personal as you wish.

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New Business Essentials

Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part

Start-up Business Logo Design

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any startup business.

Branding defines your business visually and mentally to the viewer and it can either make or break the decision to make that all-important conversion.

So make sure that time and effort are spent at this critical stage.

Start-up Business Website Design

Having a professionally designed website is one of the most important aspects of starting a successful business. If your website fails to deliver, then you risk losing a potential client or customer.

Statistics show that you have on average 4 seconds to inspire a viewer before they move on to the next website on Google – so make an impact.

New Business Stationery

You have your professionally designed logo and website, so you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle.

Having a professionally designed digital email signature or business card will communicate to your clients and customers that you are well established and a professional brand to work with.

Web Hosting

After I have created your slick new website, we will host the site for you. This keeps everything under one secure roof and I am always here to help you edit or expand the site as and when you are ready.

I provide daily backups of all of your files and offer the highest levels of security for your new website

Email Services

As well as hosting I will also provide email services that will cope with anything you can throw at it,

In today’s market, most business is conducted via email.

From a small business to a blue-chip corporation with hundreds of email accounts – I have you covered.

Why Choose A Local Web Designer

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Why choose a local website design company?

One of the biggest decisions you face once you have decided to start your new business is choosing the right branding and web design company. You are probably considering, “should I choose a local Berkshire web design company or a large national / London based design agency?”

With so many web design companies in the UK, choosing the right one for you and your budget is critical. Local businesses tend to provide a more friendly and personalised service compared to a larger design company. Usually with just ONE designer working on your logo design, web design and development to create a more unified brand. Having a single designer creates unity between all elements of your brand, allowing them to work synergistically together. This alone can make the difference between your company being chosen, or the next in line on Google.

Helping the local community​

If a client was looking for a web designer in Berkshire or the surrounding areas, a face-to-face meeting can instil trust and understanding from the outset. Although a meeting in person isn’t always essential, it’s always nice to put a face and personality to the designer launching your new start-up. As a small business myself, I understand that budget is always a key factor when starting out, therefore I can adjust any package or service to match your individual needs.

As a leading UK based web design and graphic design company, I am passionate about helping the local community. I liaise with you on a level that you understand and feel comfortable with. Here at Dreamkatcha, I won’t bombard you with tech talk and confusing design jargon, we listen to your vision and help you understand the services that you require in order to see your brand succeed. After all your success is my success. Unlike large Berkshire design agencies, I take the time to ensure you understand the whole project that awaits you, carefully answering any questions you may have.

Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part

Other Benefits of Choosing A Freelance Website Designer

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There are a host of benefits when choosing a freelance web designer over a web design company or agency. Here are just a few of the main things that my clients benefit from, but check out my blog for a more in depth analysis

Communication ​

Another difference between choosing a web design company near you and a national or London design agency is communication. With a small local business, you will always get a prompt reply to your emails or phone calls.

Not only that, but you will be talking to the ONE designer who is working on your project. So they will instantly know who you are and everything about the project.


As local designers, they will be keen to maintain a solid and respectable reputation. Word travels fast on social media and other online communities. If everything sounds too cheap to be true – it usually is. When using a web designer or logo designer from Fiverr or a similar company, chances are they are going to use templates or clip art.

This means your logo or website could be the same as a hundred other companies online, instantly damaging your brand credibility. You are more likely to find a graphic or web designer who is interested in your project if they are local to you.

Local knowledge ​

A web design company in Berkshire will have access to all of the resources in that area. They will have detailed local knowledge to access and utilise when structuring your branding campaign.
Therefore they can advise on the best approach to take when creating the content for your website or blog. They may also be able to connect you with helpful working partners in the local area.

Better support​

Ask anyone who has started their own business – getting hold of your designer for even the simplest of edits can be frustrating. You are far more likely to gain a better level of support with a local logo or web designer.

You can meet up and discuss the intricate details of your project and work through them until you are 100% satisfied. Something that can be a painful and drawn-out process when working with large design firms.

Affordable - NOT cheap​

You will also get much more value for money with a small local web designer. Without all of the huge agency running fees like large buildings, extensive account handlers and also their own marketing costs. You are simply paying for the services that are necessary to complete your project, and nothing else.

Local web designers are able to offer you the absolute lowest cost web design as they are more used to dealing with smaller clients and projects.

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