Start-up Business Berkshire Package

Thousands of people start their own company every year. Some want to work for themselves, others may have a great idea or a lifetime passion that they want to share and perhaps turn a profit on. Motivation and commitment are vital if you want to be successful, along with creative structure and a good business plan.

However, if your company isn’t noticed, or if your graphic design fails to inspire, turning your ideas into a reality can be a struggle. Dreamkatcha has helped hundreds of people either start a business for the first time, or helped them expand and grow their current company.

My weapon of choice: design! Using eye catching logo design, informative and creative websites, brand development and stunning company based media. Wow your customers from the outset with our START UP BUSINESS PACKAGE.

Having all of your media designed by the same person helps to create a solid brand identity. This alone can give your potential clients or customers the confidence they need to make that first phone call or transaction. I always encourage my clients to get involved and really make the whole process as personal as you wish.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any startup business.

Branding defines your business visually and mentally to the viewer and it can either make or break the decision to make that all important conversion.

So make sure that time and effort are spent at this critical stage.

Having a professionally designed website is one of the most important aspects of starting a successful business. If your website fails to deliver, then you risk losing a potential client or customer.

Statistics show that you have on average 4 seconds to inspire a viewer before they move on to the next website on Google – so make an impact.

You have your professionally designed logo and website, so you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle.

Having professionally designed digital email signature or business card will communicate to your clients and customers that you are well established and a professional brand to work with.

After we have created your slick new website, we will host the site for you. This keeps everything under one secure roof and we are always here to help you edit or expand the site as and when you are ready.

We provide daily backups of all of your files and offer the highest levels of security for your new website

As well as hosting we will also provide email services that will cope with anything you can throw at it,

In today’s market, most business is conducted via email.

From a small business to a blue chip corporation with hundreds of email accounts – we have you covered.

We will get you set up with everything you need to stay ahead of your competition

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