Why is graphic design important to your business?

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Consider the coffee mug that you’re drinking out of, the bottle of shampoo perched on the edge of your shower and also the fruit bowl in the centre of your table at home. What do all these seemingly random items have have in common? More than likely, a graphic designer will have been involved at […]

Iconic Logo Designs Through The Ages

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Dreamkatcha’s pick of the most iconic logo designs A great logo needs to be instantly recognisable, must work well in black and white as well as colour, and stick to one typeface. Some of the greatest logo designs have been in use for well over fifty years, give or take minor changes. Some have been […]

The importance of having a custom logo design

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What is logo design Within the field of graphic design, logo is a very important area and one of the most difficult to perfect. A logo is a graphic representation used by commercial enterprises, organisations and even individuals. Often logos are uniquely designed to aid and promote instant public recognition; a form of advertisement for the […]