Graphic Design vs. Web Design: What’s The Difference?

Graphic designers and web designers share certain qualities, both being artistic and creative and possessing technical skills as well. Since they are both designers, their goal is to create designs which deliver the designed purpose. They can certainly complement each other when creating a website for a client, although a graphics designer does not need […]

Five Trends in Graphic Design to be aware of in 2017

Graphic Designer Tends Websites are constantly evolving to keep up with changes in technology and the way in which websites are viewed from. With so much change going on at the moment within the Digital industry, DreamKatcha has produced a useful graphic design infographic that examines some of the top trending tactics used by web […]

Introducing the BBC Reith Typeface

New BBC Reith typeface to give the British Broadcasting Corporation a unique identity, whilst saving money on licensing costs By the end of this year, the Gill Sans typeface will be a thing of the past for the British Broadcasting Corporation. In place of Gill Sans and other typefaces, all typography for the BBC’s main […]

HSBC Plans to Redesign Its Bank Cards

New unified design proposed for HSBC’s bank cards across its 30 countries HSBC could be onto something with their latest announcement. The multinational retail banking giant are going to redesign their bank cards. Across the thirty countries it serves, the Hong Kong based bank aim to standardise the graphic design of its ATM, credit, and […]

Did Typographical Fails Ruin The Oscars?

Reddit post mulls over possibility that the Oscars fiasco was caused by typographical failings – why not see how we handle typography in some of our latest projects? It could have been worse, at least The Oscars nomination sheets didn’t use Comic Sans MS.  Here’s our reconstruction of how it would have looked if Comic […]

Hot Web Design Trends for 2017

This year’s hottest web design trends We at Dreamkatcha have looked this year’s must-have features of any website.  Holding its own for the last five years is responsive web design, closely followed by parallax scrolling.  This year’s highest climber is the use of video for hero graphics.  Our ‘new entries’ in web design trends are […]

Who Remembers Cow Gum? This is How We Did It

Image Source: At one time, Cow gum was part of many drawing offices for paste-up work. We at Dreamkatcha remember using it for nearly every logo design project and other graphic artworks. In our previous article on classic album covers using Comic Sans, there was a passing reference to Windows ‘95.  Well before then, cutting […]

How to Ruin an Album Cover: Use Comic Sans

How classic album covers are being spoiled with the Comic Sans typeface – and clip art Vinyl is big business.  Over the last year, vinyl restored its position as Britain’s biggest selling physical music format.  Lots of startup businesses began selling vinyl at an staggering rate! Even with a limited number of releases, mainly reissues […]

Lettering for Graphic Design: This Is How We Did It

How we did lettering the old fashioned way: a collection of clips featuring analogue technology in use Choosing a cool font in your Logo Design for your startup business can be critical in getting you brand recognised.  Pencil by default: that was how we worked before the first Apple Macintosh systems arrived on the market. […]

Five More Sans-Serif Must-Have Typefaces

Another selection of timeless sans-serif typefaces for any print-based or online projects Dreamkatcha likes to use various different fonts for our Logo Designs! In our first part, we looked at Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica, Univers, Gotham, and Futura. All five typefaces are iconic in their way. The next five we are about to describe are similarly so. […]