Five More Sans-Serif Must-Have Typefaces

Another selection of timeless sans-serif typefaces for any print-based or online projects Dreamkatcha likes to use various different fonts for our Logo Designs! In our first part, we looked at Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica, Univers, Gotham, and Futura. All five typefaces are iconic in their way. The next five we are about to describe are similarly so. […]

Five Must-Have Sans-Serif Typefaces

Timeless sans-serif typefaces for any print-based or online projects. Sans-serif typefaces are an essential tool for any graphic designer, either as a display typeface, or within body text. Its clean lines make for easy reading at great distances. A good example of this is Jock Kinneir’s and Margaret Calvert’s Transport typeface, used on the UK’s […]

The importance of having a custom logo design

What is logo design Within the field of graphic design, logo is a very important area and one of the most difficult to perfect. A logo is a graphic representation used by commercial enterprises, organisations and even individuals. Often logos are uniquely designed to aid and promote instant public recognition; a form of advertisement for the […]

Factors you should consider regarding logo design

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Behind a successful business venture is always a good looking logo. However, a good logo design should not just be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Practical factors should also be taken into consideration when designing such a logo. One of the main issues that occur when dealing with logo design, is whether it is printable. […]