Apple’s iOS14 Update & Facebook Business Models

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Apple’s iOS14 Update & Facebook Business Models Facebook In the new era of mobile devices, marketers are challenged to fit their messages onto tiny screens. Facebook is no exception and has made changes in its marketing strategies with Apple’s iOS14 update that push content off-screen when it exceeds a certain length for better readability on […]

Web Design With Dark Mode 2021

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Website Design With Dark Mode 2021 Utilising a dark colour theme in your website can convey several forms of emotions and feelings towards your visitors. Modernity, elegance, edginess- all these are a handful of things, which can be related to dark colours. There are now countless stunning dark-themed offers by web designers in Berkshire to […]

Ten Web Design and Development Fails


Or: how not to attract customers to your website thanks to shoddy web design and development Since Dreamkatcha was formed, our aim from the start was to raise standards in web design. We are strong advocates of accessibility, clear design, and aim to raise the bar a little higher each time. In our time, we […]