Trends in Web Design to Know About in 2020

Web technologies have grown since the millennium bubble and it seems creativity in this space has continued to grow. 2020 is here and as usual, you would like to keep up with the latest trends in web design, which is also part of ensuring your websites are up to date and user friendly.

Many new design trends that are targeted for 2020 are meant to not only create an awesome user experience but also ensure web apps and sites are magnets that visitors cannot ignore. After all, who likes it when bounce rates keep rising? Here are some of the web design trends which we think you may find useful:


With technology really starting to embrace the new WordPress platform in web design, animations are now coming back to us in 2020. Apple fell out with Adobe over it’s FLASH technology that many relied upon to create stunning websites with moving text and graphics. Making it unreadable on its iPhones. Now we have HTML5 and many other plugins and themes that are utilising the web more efficiently and allowing designers to get a lot more creative.


This is not to say video is just starting out – it is already huge and it seems more brands are embracing this design trend in 2020. Although the use of video may vary depending on the site you are building, it still remains a major UX design trend. Many web design experts prefer using muted videos for backgrounds, and this is creating an awesome UX presentation. However, while using background videos, it is necessary that it helps to share the idea being presented on the site.

Scrolling effects

Scrolling effects are basically divs optimised to move along while other divs are set to stationary mode. This is popularly referred to as parallax and although it has been around for a long time, it appears in 2018 more websites will embrace this design trend. This can be seen from the sharp rise in the application of the idea, especially by major brands. The scrolling effect achieved with parallax helps to catch the attention of the user.

Sticky navs

Many websites have also been using sticky navs, which could be seen as a major leap in UI design. Users in the past had to scroll all the way from the bottom up to access nav links, but this is no longer necessary as sticky navs allow the user to easily click on the nav link they want without having to scroll back up.

Virtually every new site is coming with this feature, and many established sites are changing the design to include this trend. Sticky nav could be seen in many E-commerce stores as these are some of the sites where navigation links are used often.

Inventive typography

Typography is a big weapon in the battle for eyeballs and its application has continued to broaden out. Web design experts are opting to use different varieties of typefaces that are easier to process and are appealing to the user. Serif is expected to make a comeback in 2020 and more sites will be using serif and sans-serif to offer a dynamic experience.

Evolution of AI and integration into web

If you thought artificial intelligence is only about sci-fi, then think again because this is a technology that is taking over the web, as well as many other industries. Expect to see more conversational interfaces (chatbots).

A lot can be discussed when it comes to web trends and the points above are just a few of the things you could witness. As the year matures, you will definitely see a lot of changes in how web technologies are used and most of these will be in the interest of satisfying the user. You can also read more about the benefits of quality web design in our recent blog post.