Web Design Berkshire 2016 Fresh Thinking

10 reasons why you need a local website in 2016

In this day and age everyone has a website for something whether it’s social media or for their business or organization. This is for a good reason – your website communicates to the world wide web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you are sleeping.

1 – Your website is an online brochure

Why spend you hard earned money on printed brochures wen many of them will simply end up on a shelf, or worse, in the bin. Your website can serve as an online brochure where potential clients can view your product or services at any time. Moreover, you can update this brochure i  an instant, with no reprinting and distribution costs.

2 – Larger local market share in Berkshire and beyond

Over 2.5 billion people surf the web every day. 80-90% of these individuals have used the web for a business transaction or contact. Having a website will neatly place you into this ever growing market. Linking your website from your local Google+ business page will put your business on the map in Bracknall, Berskhire and throughout the UK nationwide.

3 – Local business value for Bracknell and your Business reputation

Having a live, well designed website can open up some very important doors, such as receiving a business loan or grant from the bank, or install confidence on a potential client or business partner.

4 – Increase Influence with ecommerce or local services

A website with a good user interface and user experience can convince a web surfer to stop on your page and buy what you are selling online, or offering local services in Berkshire, Braknall Reading, Wokingham, Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot areas.

5 – Showcase your services or products

With a well designed website you can showcase your products and services to look desirable and encourage viewers to make that critical transaction or contact you for an enquiry or order.

6 – Rejuvenate your business goals in 2016

When creating your website you will be able to re-grasp what the essence of your company or organisation is and refocus your business goals. Often a fresh new design inspires fresh ideas so take the opportunity to be focussed.

7 – The future of retail with local stores versus UK

A website can match and even out perform a traditional high street store, being able to sell to any location on the planet with no extra overheads.

8 – Always open for business 24 hours a day

Your company website will be online and ready to trade every minute of ever day, with nobody needed to open and close your business doors.

9 – Communication with local customers

Using your site as a blog or newsfeed you can update your loyal customers on the newest offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or any other content.

10 – Marketing, SEO and website promotion

With ever more plugins and platforms being created you can corner your market with the latest technology and use the internet to its full potential using low cost techniques.

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