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Your business deserves the best services- whether you need to design your online presence from the ground up or simply revamp your existing website. Dreamkatcha is here to share the load and deliver high quality designs. Our designers and developers create beautiful custom digital solutions tailored to generate buzz in the market about your business and help your growth!

We Are A Leading Small Web Design Agency in Slough
Dreamkatcha provides handcrafted design and marketing services in UK. We are a locally operating web design and branding agency servicing Slough and its surrounding areas. We cater to the needs of growing businesses and help them achieve their branding and marketing goals at affordable rates.

100% Local UK Web Design Agency
We cater locally to small Slough businesses and help them make their branding ideas a reality and be recognised for their services. We work closely with businesses to deliver the perfect web design services for their business needs.

Premium Custom-Built Websites
We create beautiful bespoke website designs that are unmatched in visual design and functionality. All our websites are designed to be highly user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and responsive, from the simplest template to the most complex Ecommerce website design.

Vast Range of Services
Delivering website designs does not mark the end of our relationship with your business. We offer a range of services and solutions for SEO campaigns and digital marketing that can translate to higher conversion rates and sales for your brand

Why Dreamkatcha Is The Perfect Choice For Your Business
We have 25 years of industry experience in taking on client businesses of all sizes and industries and turning them into market leaders and trendsetters. Our handpicked team of professionals approach each project with the utmost creativity and innovation.

Our extensive range of services fulfils all your web design needs, from custom website designs, brand redesigns, user-friendly mobile sites, tailored SEO campaigns, and email and social media marketing.

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Achieve your goals quickly and affordably all under one roof.

Our friendly staff will talk you through the whole project and set you off on the right foot.

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We offer Web Design throughout the UK, but the Berkshire office serves the following Slough areas in particular:

  • Britwell
  • Chalvey
  • Cippenham
  • Colnbrook
  • Haymil
  • Langley
  • Manor Park
  • Poyle
  • Upton and Upton Lea
  • Wexham

From the web design blog...

Business Website vs. Facebook Page: Which is Best? Marketing your small business needs a powerful digital component nowadays. Deciding where to use …

Web technologies have grown since the millennium bubble and it seems creativity in this space has continued to grow. 2020 is here and as usual, you would like to keep up with the latest trends in web design, which is also part of ensuring your websites are up to date and user friendly.

Which of these options fits your requirements? 1. A traditional layout would include a homepage with minimal information on. From there you will have a menu system linking to the other areas of the site. 2. A one page site where each of the sections are linking to the bottom of the homepage, so the user simply needs to scroll downwards to view the whole site. 3. We could go with a parallax scrolling website where the user would need to scroll to the left or right to see the other sections of the site. This is a very unusual design and should only be considered if you have a specific reason to incorporate it.

The custom coded websites we create are capable of ranking high in the Search Engines. This makes it possible for you to generate organic traffic more easily. Using custom code helps us create a user experience that all your website visitors will love. By ensuring that all the websites we develop are 100% unique, we help our clients stand out from their competitors.

After being in the web design industry for over 20 years, one thing we have learned is that the ideal way to achieve a productive and pleasant user experience is to ensure that your website visitors can find what they are looking for easily. To achieve this, we put all our efforts into ensuring that your content is delivered both intuitively and innovatively. Part of our strategie is going the extra mile for our clients.

Security has long been a sensitive issue during shopping due to the confidential information collected by websites. Aside from the secured card payment systems usually provided by the builder, your website still needs additional security. DREAMKATCHA has successfully implemented various security systems on different E-commerce website that includes:

Ready to get started?
So are we...

Achieve your goals quickly and affordably all under one roof.

Our friendly staff will talk you through the whole project and set you off on the right foot.

Call us: 01344 444405

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As a leading local web design company, we pour all our efforts into helping the local community. We believe in the old code where you help out a neighbour and that includes local businesses and start-ups.
We don’t charge ridiculous prices as the London web design agencies do. We like to build a solid, professional and reliable working relationship with all of our customers.
This means answering your emails the same day and always answering or replying to phone calls. If you have ever worked with another web designer you will know what we are talking about! This quality service alone is enough for those with past web designer experience to recommend us to others.
Your success is our success -so contact us today and lets build something amazing!

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