Website Design With Dark Mode 2021

Utilising a dark colour theme in your website can convey several forms of emotions and feelings towards your visitors. Modernity, elegance, edginess- all these are a handful of things, which can be related to dark colours. There are now countless stunning dark-themed offers by web designers in Berkshire to browse through. This style can help improve the appearance and ultimately, the UX of your website.

An app or website that features dark mode has a black backdrop. However, this style feature alone is not sufficient to comprise this interface. There is a considerable disparity in the designs that utilise dark mode in a highly usable and extremely appealing way, opposed to a website that only comes with a dark aesthetic.

A real dark mode is not just implementing a reverse colour plan or format, with the prospective to amuse users, impact usability as well as offer an accessible choice for your app or website.
What Is Exactly a Dark Mode?

Dark mode refers to a low-light user interface, which utilised dark colours, ordinarily grey or black, as the main background colour. It is a reverse of the default white user interface, which web designers in Berkshire have used for many years. Developers figured out that dark-themed user interfaces assist with eye strain, particularly in nighttime or low-light conditions. Less eye strain means a better work experience and fewer headaches.

What Makes This Theme Work?

This theme may be most attractive to users as it is very different. Through flipping the colour format, you get instant access to a calm new aesthetic. Moreover, this also provides control on how you utilise your app and website. It may be a minor tweak, but the capability to set this inclination can improve users’ connection to your design as well as an affinity for utilising it.

The Significance of Dark Mode

Aside from being easy on your eyes, this style also saves battery power. Here are some of the other practical perks of dark mode.

Reduce Eye Pressure and Strain

You are not supposed to feel your eyes. However, anyone who examines data on a screen for long hours knows that after a while, you begin to experience CVS or computer vision syndrome-like blurred vision, eye pain, headaches, double vision, back pain and neck pain, and more. With regards to graphs and charts, dark mode is able to assists in reducing eye strain.


If you are asleep and somebody switches on a bright light, most of the time, you are going to experience a sudden headache. The same idea happened with those working in front of their laptop or PC late at night. Dark mode lessens that bright light, thus it easier for you to see the content in a low light setting.


Accessibility goes along with visibility and usability. However, dark mode takes some of these ideas a step further. You want all users to get the most out of your app or website’s intended experience, which dark mode can facilitate with its’ contrasting colour scheme.
With regards to accessibility, contrast and colour choice are the main concern of dark mode. It is highly recommended that freelance web designers allow users to opt to a dark every time they need to for various reasons. For example, there might be a long-term effect related to light mode, people with a visual issue will do well with this theme and some users just like this mode better.

Recommendation matters a lot when it comes to accessibility. Giving users lots of choices for utmost viewing of the app or website will naturally make it accessible.

Provides Emotional Boost

A dark UI, whether the dark interface or dark mode- sets a specific emotional and mode tone. Dark hues convey a diverse form of emotion than bright or light hues.

When thinking of dark mode for UI design, consider the sense behind black for a moment. Does it match your brand, or does it convey the emotion you want to show to clients? Also, it is vital to keep in mind that while you may not utilise 100% black in the dark user interface, and perhaps you should not – that all dark colours have the same emotional associations.

  • Authoritative
  • Somber
  • Elegant or luxurious
  • Strong or powerful
  • Simple
  • Formal
  • Intimidating
  • Dramatic or mysterious
  • Modern
  • Sophisticated

According to freelance web designers, it is vital to know that a dark colour palette may need some warm, light, or bright accents in order to keep the emotion and feel optimistic or cheery. However, a sombre style can be gained from a dark mode with calm and cool accent colours.
It is vital to design as well as make a colour scheme for a dark theme that doesn’t have a different impact on a user emotionally. The objective is that users must feel the same way about your app, website, or content within dark or light mode.

Using Dark Mode In Design

Dark mode theme works anywhere from TV interfaces, smartwatches, Facebook, Gmail, etc. This design trend is able to project your website into a whole new category of UX/UI. Here are tips to follow when you are designing a dark mode website or app interface.

Highlight Your Business

A dark mode user interface is valuable in improving specific businesses or brands. For instance, a brand focused on entertainment and nightlife is an ideal match for this theme as the high-energy content is paired with a dark setting in real life.

Minimalist and Simple

Once you have a minimalist design with limited content, this case is ideal for dark mode. In a case where text is the main content, a dark user interface is able to make legibility a problem. Typically, a dark mode intensifies visual mess, making a messy screen more chaotic.

Generate Emotion and Feeling

Are you trying to make a specific emotional response? Like a bit of drama? The fact that low visibility makes curiosity as well as amplifies emotional tension, a dark mode them may be the best way for your business or brand.


Dark UI and dark mode are becoming more popular. These can give deeper user experiences for an array of apps and websites. A lot of operating systems are integrating this theme by default; therefore, it is vital to begin catering to this demand. You can call a web designer in Berkshire to design a dark mode that goes along with your app or brand and never depend on the operating system to carry it out for you. Developing a thriving dark mode is a complex as well as rewarding design dispute which will enhance user experience.

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