Web designer Brief Prep

Soaring High with An Innovative Web Design Brief

Are you in need of a brief for your new website? If the answer to that question is yes, you no longer need to worry about how to get started. I understand that you have a set of standards for your website, your desired look, and what you want to do with it.

I have compiled the essential information you need to create a website design brief with one comprehensive guide. By letting you understand what your website agency needs to know on the dot, you can save more time and effort while ensuring a quality project outcome.

The Importance of Creating A Web Design Brief

If you’re new to the world of web design, you may be wondering what’s the essence of creating a comprehensive brief? It is important to set up a healthy working relationship with your website team, by giving them all possible information regarding your web design project. This positive relationship enables you both to bounce off each other during the design phase and onward with the development. It is essential that your brief conveys the requirements and scope to your website design team – giving them a complete overview of your goals and vision to meet. In return, you should be rendered with a more precise project timescale and quotation.

Getting Started with Your Web Design

A web designer can’t easily start working on a website without knowing their clients’ exact requirements. Before officially starting a project, several aspects should be considered that would help in meeting the best possible outcome. This will also give you an in-depth look at how web design services work.

Share About Your New Business

You can’t pursue a project without explaining details about your new company and what you do. This is the first step to creating a universal understanding between client and customer. You should try to include basic details about your business, such as your company name and what your key mantra is. You can also provide a concise description of what your company did when it started, where it is now in that journey and where it is based. For me to have a clearer picture of the scale of your operation may also help.

Explain your Vision and Objectives

I want to assist in achieving your objectives and putting your vision into reality. All companies have aspirations for their business to grow and keep up in this competitive environment. You can share both your short and long-term goals, such as proliferating your conversion rate in a specific period or reaching the target audience in a particular area. This can help me gain good insight into what you are aiming to meet through the website build.

Have Target Audience In Mind

As I initially work with your website, I evaluate your target demographic area. I intend to understand not only the area but also your potential clients. Then, I will plan how to design the website that would match your audience’s standards.

Start Working with Logo Design and Branding

Tell me whether you have an existing logo and branding guidelines or a start-up in need of unique and fresh logo design and branding. If you already have one, do not hesitate to tell me if you prefer to stick with previous work or enhance the design. Your requirements should help me work with the logo and branding to complement your web design.

Hints on Your Present Website

Providing me with a link to your present website (if you have one) is a great help. You can point out the things you do and don’t like on your current site, what you want to be included or excluded in your new website.

Preparing Web Content

You probably work positively in an organised office. The same goes for the project to run smoothly – you have to sort your content as soon as possible. Having all of this content beforehand, I’d be better oriented on what you do or what you offer and understand some key aspects of the design of the site going forward.
I will need the specifics if you want me to write the website copy for you. It is necessary to tell the number of pages you require and if there should be sources, images, or videos. The supply of content cannot be easily achieved over a few hours. This is the common sticking point for on-time project delivery. Thus, giving it some consideration since the start of the project is a must. The way the site is designed is reflected in your desired amount of content to display. For instance, if your page has more than a thousand words, it would have a varied layout to the page with only a hundred. Also be sure to slide in as many of your chosen keywords without ruining the content. This will help later with google rankings.


Do you have some examples of websites in mind, that offer the same service or exhibit the same functionality as what you wanted? You can provide some real-life examples that appeal to you and tell me the specific details of what you like and dislike. By paying attention to details, it will enable me to work closely with your desired outcome.

Details About Technical Functionality Requirements

Stating your technical functionality requirement is vital to complete your web design. This might include a blog or news feed, a forum, account registration, API integration, social media feeds, and more. You can describe exactly how you wanted it to look and how it should work on the website. For instance, if you want me to include a forum, how should it be sorted? If you require use for API integration, how do you want the data to be in sync? Do you want to include an advanced searching and filtering feature?

What Are Your Future Plans?

I make sure to give you long-term effectiveness and ensure the best return on your investment. For me to do this, it would be helpful to let me know what your plans for your website to continue walking in the crowd are. These plans can be updating your content or adding e-commerce in the future. Whatever plans you have in your mind, you can share them with me, and I’ll be glad to future-proof your site and make sure it works in the long run.

Providing Budget

The budget provided is what drives the project. Many people are unaware that to build a website, there are unavoidable costs. Some are inexperienced in working with digital agencies, and question why it is necessary to provide a budget. This is greatly important from the outset as it will affect how much time and effort is placed on each key area of the project – from beginning to end. Allowances need to be made for smaller budgets and this is all worked out in the planning stages. I can only achieve the outline of the project when the budget is also considered. Note that the budget helps you achieve your goals and likely reflects the outcome of the web design. For example, the higher the budget, the more I can include advanced elements, features, SEO and functionality.

Setting Project Deadlines

The deadline of any project differs depending on the client’s journey. Let me say that you don’t have an exact deadline in mind and prefer for your designer to spend more time, and this would ensure your web design requirements will be met. But if you have a firm deadline for its launch, it would be an advantage to inform me early on in the project. I can examine the feasibility and along the process, give you the key project milestones schedule. Developing and designing websites usually takes from three to ten weeks, but it depends on the website specifications and how forthcoming the client is with finalised content.

Considering SEO

If you plan to grow your business, it is important to invest your time and money into the areas that would help you achieve such goals. You may already have an astounding website but only gains a few visits. Hence, consider working with SEO that assists in driving people to your site. If SEO is one of the key aspects of your site, let us know before the project officially begins since it will affect the overall design of the site. For a redesign project, we would be able to apply the necessary improvement and understand how it works once you share the present analytics figure.

Web Hosting

99% of the time, my clients prefer to host their sites with me. If perhaps you wanted to use a third-party host, MYSQL details and hosting panel access or FTP/SFTP should be provided to me. Once the website is live, however, I wouldn’t be maintaining or updating it. This would need to be addressed by your company and on a weekly basis to ensure security and performance. There are several requirements that your hosting should meet:

For the installation of WordPress, a minimum version of PHP 7.0 is needed.
Also, for the installation of WordPress, there should be MySQL version 5.6 or greater.
There must be enough disk space available. The space available should at least be 1GB and may vary depending on the website and file size.

To get started, don’t hesitate to call 01344 444405 and we can discuss your project at length. You can also send me a brief via email to info@dreamkatcha.com, or contact form and I’ll instantly provide you with the range pricing for your project.