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Cheap or homemade web designs are everywhere – they come and go. If you’ve ever dealt with them you know how confusing and frustrating they can be! When a potential customer visits your website, you have from 4 to 7 seconds to grab their attention before they go back and start searching for someone else.

To succeed in a dynamic, evolving online marketplace, you need a responsive and captivating website design to grab your clients’ attention… and keep it! As leading website designers in Berkshire, we will create you a website that is both visually enticing and easy to use, whilst making sure you won’t break the bank.

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Looking for something a little bit special?

Whether you are a business professional seeking a cutting-edge wordpress website for your already established company, or an entrepreneur looking for an affordable web design for your start-up business. We will work hand in hand with you to create the website that you’re looking for and all within your budget.

Your website design is more than just your online presence, it is a direct reflection of your company’s professionalism and the service you provide. We understand that sacrificing quality is out of the question and that each project has different goals and requirements. Therefore we are able to offer you integrated packages – website design, website development and graphic design all under one roof.

WordPress Website Design

We can provide everything you will need to get your new website launched and established. We can register or transfer your domain name, set up your email and website hosting and provide SEO services, to get you listed on search engines and start trading immediately.

Every website designed by Dreamkatcha (unless specified otherwise) is based on a powerful yet easy to use CMS platform called WordPresss. This platform allows almost unlimited upgrades and expansion and is by far the most simple and intuitive for the average user to understand and edit/expand themselves.

Ecommerce Website Design

If you are looking to setup an online shop, you will need a platform that not only performs well, but can expand and change when you need it to. Using WordPress as a base for your online shop removes all limitations that come with a package such as Shopify. A WordPress ecommerce website is easy to expand and add to, no matter what you throw at it.
A WordPress base for your online shop will also be intuitive to learn and mange yourself without any prior computer skills. You can add to and expand your product library with an easy drag and drop builder which we supply in the CMS (admin system) on all of our websites.

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Latest Website Design | Berkshire Kitchens

Berkshire Kitchens contacted Dreamkatcha and asked if we could improve their website. Like many others, Jason had typed into google “web designers near me” and decided to click on the very top three results on the page. These are paid ads on Google, usually from very large web design companies in the UK. These agencies are usually not “near me” at all and have a landing page for every town in the country! As reflected in Jasons report, these companies often sub-out the work overseas, so that they can complete the enormous amount projects they acquire. Berkshire Kitchens were unsatisfied with the website this web design company had produced and extremely unhappy with the level of communication and support. 

Jason then decided to look more closely at the web design companies in his area and came across Dreamkatcha, at the top of the organic search results. After a quick email correspondence, we helped Jason fix a few issues that he wasn’t getting any support for on his current website. Although the website was created in WordPress, the designers had used lots of unwieldy code and plugins which hindered anyone other than a professional web designer to edit the website.

Having now experienced a better level of customer service, Jason decided to ask Dreamkatcha for a complete redesign of his website. Not only had they changed three times as much money as Dreamkatcha, the website was in no fit state for Jason to edit or expand it. We visited Berkshire Kitchens and within a week we were well underway with the re-design. We listened carefully to Jason as he explained what he didn’t like about the previous website and how he would have liked it to appear originally. 

Three weeks later, Jason and the team are extremely happy with the website and it’s new intuitive admin system. The website is also performing much better in search engine results due to the way it was constructed. Since the completion date we have already received one nomination from Berkshire Kitchens to work on a colleagues start-up business venture in 2021.

We are now in the process of starting a local SEO campaign to help Berkshire Kitchens rank higher in Google for their chosen keywords and locality. The website continues to climb in Google rankings simply from a better platform that it was designed on and more attention to SEO details when contracting the website. With the new SEO campaign in place we expect the rankings to climb even higher. Thus bringing Jason a much better ROI on his web design investment, with more exposure and ultimately, more customers

“A friendly, very professional service offering the full website package.”

  • Jason Bird | Director
Website designers in Berkshire
One of the things our customers LOVE about their local web design company is the aftercare.

 Many of our clients have had dealings with web designers before and they are FAR from impressed, so they are delighted when they find how quick, friendly and helpful our aftercare and support is.

We wont leave your emails sat in an inbox, or leave voicemails left unanswered. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world you need answers and results immediately, so we make sure your queries are dealt with as soon as we get them!

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is built into every one of our websites from the ground up so, you don’t have to worry about not being found online. We understand that your website is a 24hr workhorse and the portal to potential customers, so we make sure we cross the t’s and dot the i’s when it comes to back-end SEO.

Website SEO has a natural evolution for all well constructed websites. Search Engines recognise the thin line between organic and legitimate key words and structure. It also recognises what is described as “spam”; adopting a zero tolerance policy towards any suspicious activity. A blacklist or spam flag is imminent if the web designer is not experienced with the modern SEO best practices.

DREAMKATCHA will design your website from the ground up with this in mind. Your site will be submitted to all search engines and have SEO rich content, which will place you firmly in your desired search area online.

How the website design process works...
Initial Meeting

No Geeky Speak!

After our initial contact, we will invite you to visit the studio and discuss your project in more detail. Here you can ask any questions (you may refer to this list of FAQs on our website) you have been jotting down in your notepad and see if we are the right fit for you.

We also have this web design project checklist for your convenience

Off We Go!

Turning Your Vision Into Reality!

So you like what we have to say and you decide to move forward with Dreamkatcha. At this stage we  invoice you 50% for the total cost of your project. This enables us to get started, building the back end of your website and thinking of design concepts.


Content Is King!

Firstly we ask you to gather together all of the information you would like displayed on your website. If you have already written the copy for your website, that's great! If you would like a little help we can assist you. In addition, we also require all of the images you have for the website.

Consequently, if you don't have any, or would like some more professional shots we can assist you. We will recommend some good stock libraries or help you pick the most effective images for your website.

First View

Initial Web Design

At this stage we will have completed the back end of the website's admin system. Afterward we move on to designing the main front end of the website.

Once we are happy for you to view the homepage artwork we will send you a link to view your design. You can then give us the "all clear" to proceed with the rest of the website. Of course If you have any major concerns these can be addressed before we continue.


Website Development

Once the entire website is complete we will then ask you again to go through each page and section and give any feedback or amendments that you have for us. This could be a change of text or perhaps a change of imagery.

Clear for Launch

It's The Big Day!

Once you are happy with everything we have produced, we are ready for the website launch. We will upload the site to a live server and notify all of the major search engines that you are ready to be discovered.

Aftercare & Support

Hosting And Email Services

Finally, If you have chosen our Managed Hosting Package you are now free to edit, expand and change your website. You can access the ease to use admin section and edit your content..

Of course, the safety of your website will be ensured by our first class security systems. Likewise you will also benefit from our daily backups of your website . Hence, should anything go wrong, you are always safe in the fact we can restore it for you instantly.

If required, we can create some training videos explaining how to edit each section of your website - simply ask us at any point if you don't feel comfortable roaming around your website.

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