Case Study – Little Royals

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The following case study outlines Dreamkatcha’s approach to an unusual project that was pitched on FreeIndex, to which we won the contract. It demonstrates our willingness to take on projects in fields we have no experience in and still hold our own in challenging situations. It also explains how we can work remotely without ever needing to meet our clients in person – based in Bracknell Berkshire, working solely via phone and email to achieve exactly what is needed from the client.

Jonathan came to us after accepting our offer to take on his project via FreeIndex. Although Jonathan has years of experience in baby and child products, it is not a field we have ever worked in before. The brief was to create a strong brand through which he could sell high-end merchandise both nationally and internationally.

Apart from a company name (which did end up changing a few times through the early stages of the project) Jonathan would need everything professionally designed and manufactured. Dreamkatcha was to create a distinguished and authentic logo design that would instil confidence in potential customers and clients.

We also designed all of the products, from colours and materials, right through to the icons and diagrams for each product. Although Dreamkatcha has participated in some product design in the past, this was on a whole new level – we were to design an entire brand from the ground up.

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To start with we supplied Jonathan with an outline of what Dreamkatcha understood from his brief and what we expected to achieve. This was also the perfect time to discuss at length what he was looking for, and also as important, what he dint want to see. The brand name was LittleRoyals, and the target market was not only international audiences but also native Britons, who are a little more selective when it comes to cliché type brands and products. Therefore the logo had to be slightly understated, but still, bring across that feeling of establishment and quality. Everything from the fonts used to the colours and styles was closely scrutinised to make sure everything said Royalty. After a week of firing designs to and from our email addresses, we had finally come to a design we were all happy with.

Next on the agenda was to provide rough designs for the product ranges. To research the current marketplace we scanned the internet and local stores to see what was trending, what worked and what didn’t. Armed with this knowledge we set to work designing a range of car seats, using the most quintessentially British materials and features.

Carefully paying attention to what was possible regarding manufacturing and price constraints, yet producing an authentic look that would be desirable to the intended audience. Once these designs were complete they were sent off to the factories for sam plus to be made. Over the next couple of months, samples were demonstrated to us and we gave feedback at each stage until the products we’re looking as close to the initial designs as possible.

During this process, many other areas of the brand’s setup were required, such as business cards, email signatures and branding guidelines. This project is a great example of how working with just one designer for your entire project brings unity and in turn confidence to your brand.

Other items that were needed during this extended process were presentations to display the product’s capabilities to potential stockists. There has to be eye-catching and informative, as well as accurate descriptions of the product specifications. Many diagrams also had to be created for the printed manuals and information sheets, as well as a product packaging design.

While this project was ongoing, Jonathan also decided to launch another completely separate product range under the guise Brit-Baby. This now required Dreamkatcha to create most of the material that had already been designed for LittleRoyals but in a fraction of the time. The challenge was on, but we showed how well we worked under pressure and delivered the required work well inside the decline provided.

When the products were in their final stages of production we moved to the all-important website where the products would be showcased to the world. Jonathan had seen many websites of this nature online, some costing upwards of £10K.

Naturally, He wanted a website that would compete on this level. We didn’t want to disappoint Jonathan so we went to work, analysing what made these websites so good and how we could implement the design for a fraction of the price. Once the website was complete we then also had to create a second sire for the BritBaby brand.

Towards the last stages of the Little Royals and Brit Baby launch, the Chinese manufacturer of the final products took note of the designs we had been producing for Jonathan. It wasn’t long before they got in touch directly and asked if we could also design them a new fashion line for their own national brand. Having spent the last 6 months designing child stroller and baby seats, we could hardly resist! Having done a lot of the groundwork and research for the previous brands, the designs materialised very quickly and went on to be manufactured that same month.

Jonathan continues to be a welcome customer at Dreamkatcha and we regularly work with him on the above mentioned and other projects. So when we state our business as predominantly a web design company that offers graphic design audio/visual and much more…we really mean it!